They may seem antipodal but “Business is art & art is business” is the level of correlation that these two sectors have proven to possess, time & time again. Well, at least to those who have been daring enough to merge them. The neglection of one can unwittingly bring strain to the presence of the other in hindsight. Therefore, this bizarre dual nature needs to be smoothly & carefully enforced to people who are independently practising any of the two lest they suffer an unfavourable sequence & for the most part make room for the one that is constantly being overlooked in the corporate world. 

It is without a shadow of a doubt that the arts transport us into uncharted waters, an adventure that is yet to be fully explored by many businesses. So why is it that it’s being disregarded or treated as futility in some spaces? We need art to experience life in its entirety & demystify complexities. The latter is where art plays a role in business. It is no secret that a truckload of businesses face a fair share of challenges on a daily basis. Take a marketing business, for instance, getting new customers lies at the core of its survival. To achieve & sustain its existence, there ought to be a captivating advert that will vividly portray its product(s) & or services. Accomplishing that substantial task lies in a well-versed artist. This may include a graphic designer, writer & voice-over artist working hand in hand with the company to develop their brand & be exceptional to their competitors. See, from this we can form an analogy that artists are more like glue between the surface & legs of a big table. One cannot fully function without the other. That striking logo that communicates the identity of a brand would be non-existent without the innovative mind of a graphic designer, those sales wouldn’t be as skyrocketing if it wasn’t for that compelling & persuasive message conveyed by a voice actor. Not forgetting the noble writer who contributes a considerable factor in an aforementioned cycle. 

As with any alliance, a clash is obviously inevitable, so it would take immense trust between a creative artist & a well-established business to forge a conducive relation. Case in point: a business is more focused on measurability & clarity whereas the arts wallows on mystery, various illustrations & autonomy. In such a scenario, the two professions can count on the fact that they both value discipline & producing high-quality work. At the end of the day, one relies on the other to generate revenue. This approach can dismantle the biased system which favours corporate employees over artists when they devote just as much effort in ensuring that the business runs effectively. Together, they can easily complement each other in their ways of thinking & eventually transform that into endless possibilities that will bring about a radical change in the world.