What are the top clothing designs in fashion for millennials? The answer depends on who you ask, but there is an overall consensus about which trends will be popular. If you want to be part of the trend-setters, look at these top fashions.

Graphic T-Shirts


One of the top clothing designs in fashion is graphic T-shirts. They come with unique patterns and fun designs, and they can be worn alone or as layered pieces together to make a complete outfit. Many of these printed T-shirts come with slogans that are relevant to current political climates. If you’re looking for a unique way to show off your opinions, then this might be the right fashion choice for you.


When choosing a t-shirt, you want to start with choosing the right fabric. If it’s too thin, then it won’t be durable enough to last more than a couple of washes, but if it is too thick, then it can be uncomfortable and hot. Breathability is important for summer and winter weather alike and will help your comfort. You also need to consider whether or not you want moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep sweat away from your body as well as anti-odor properties.


You’re going to want to look at fit next. The fit of your t-shirt (loose or snug), as well as the length (short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless), all depend on what type of look you are going for. 


Ripped Jeans


Ripped jeans are another popular fashion choice among millennials. Their designs feature holes and cuts, so they have a chic look that makes them appealing to those who wish to express themselves through style. This can be an especially beneficial fashion choice for those wearing ripped jeans that also show off their tattoos.


If you want to wear ripped jeans, then there are some factors you want to consider before buying them or putting together your outfit for the day. First, make sure that the size and cut are flattering. Second, be aware of the latest designs in rips and holes to make sure that it’s the look you’re going for. 


Crop Tops With Bell Sleeves


Another popular top among millennials in fashion is the crop top, especially with bell sleeves this season. Bell sleeves will add volume and flair to the upper arm area without covering up other important features like hands or collarbones because they are smaller than traditional short sleeve t-shirts. This makes them even more attractive as an option for those who want something daring but also classy on their shoulders.


If you’re going to wear a crop top, there are some important factors to consider. First of all, be sure that the length of the shirt is not too short. Second, pay attention to how flattering it is on your body shape and whether or not it slims down your waistline. 


Leather Jackets In Brighter Colours


Leather jackets have been popular for quite some time now, but they are especially chic this year because designers have decided on brighter colors for their designs. This includes yellows, blues, and pinks as well as more traditional darker shades of black and browns. The new leather jackets are really versatile because you can dress them up with a classic outfit for work or even pair them with something more casual like ripped jeans and T-shirts.


When wearing this type of top, it’s important to consider your body shape. Wearing darker shades on larger women can make them look bigger than they are, which is not the look most people want. On the other hand, if you’re petite, then select lighter colours that draw attention away from any problem areas like stomach weight or thin arms. 


Oversized Dresses


Oversized dresses are another trendy option among millennials in fashion because these styles offer comfort and versatility when it comes to mixing and matching with different shoes and accessories. They can be perfect for casual events because they look good with flats or heels and you can wear them in any season because they don’t cling to the body like other types of clothing.


Striped Shirts


Stripes are also on trend this year among millennials in fashion. These striped tops are available in different styles that can work for many types of individuals who want something on the more conservative side of the spectrum. For example, horizontal stripes give a slimming effect to the body while vertical ones either elongate or shorten your appearance depending on where they are placed along the torso. 

These fashion trends include the most popular styles among millennials in fashion. So, if you want to keep up with your peers and dress like a millennial this season, be sure to consider one or more of these top choices!


Published by HOLR Magazine