The grand opening for Disney’s new hotel experience called Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser has generated an ambush of reviews for the brand new space. 

Disney has been known in the past to make dreams come true, and it did so initially with the creation of “Disney World.” This, however, wasn’t enough to fulfill the media giant’s ambitions, motivating them to narrow it down to the world of Star Wars, and they did so successfully after spending nearly seven years developing this overwhelming and immersive experience, investing millions of dollars into this new facility. Guests are encouraged to dress up and take part in special missions, and with the starting price for two adults being around $5,000, and $6,000 for three adults and one child, you have to make the most of the experience.

Though Disney had been hyping the release of its mega-expensive world of Star Wars, the release of the sneak peeks left fans concerned about the luxury space resort. Despite the place being described as a “Disney Dud initially,” the reviews so far have generally been positive. The dedicated actors on-site and the immersive storytelling were some of the standout features. As soon as you enter the ship, you can meet a wide range of characters from fan favourites like Chewbacca and even new additions such as Twi’lek singer Gaya. 

A worker dressed up as a Star Wars character.

Image Credit: polygon.com

Many reviews have stated that your experience depends on how much energy and dedication you are willing to put into it. You can help the Resistance or the First Order, take part in a holo Sabacc tournament (the card game Han Solo played to win the Millenium Falcon), or go on an away mission to “Batuu,” which is the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge themed park

As always, everything has its pros and cons, and the standout downside of the facility was the feeling of claustrophobia because of the lack of windows. Hotel rooms have a digital display showing outer space and no view of the real outside world. 

A room in the hotel.

Image Credit: dexerto.com

This was a dealbreaker for some of the resort’s early reviewers, according to a report in SF Gate. The report from an influential Disney Food YouTuber was that “Disney went all-in on an experience that seemingly puts only the wealthiest guests inside a windowless bunker for two full days”. Also, to add salt to the wounds, others have complained that the rooms themselves – by keeping the feel of life on a spaceship would be like, are smaller than expected and uncomfortably cramped.

Ultimately, whether this experience is worth it depends on how big of a fan you are of Star Wars, and obviously on the person’s financial situation. $5,000 is a hefty amount, and if you are a believer in “you only live once,” the big jump to turn fantasy into reality will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one you will cherish forever. 

Published by: HOLR Magazine.