“To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry.” – K. J. Parker

Since the Stone Age, people have hunted animals as the primary source of food. Hunting was an important part of survival in ancient times. However, as it got easier to farm and produce food easily, hunting took a backseat in our lives. What was once a vital survival skill for human beings has now turned into a popular recreational activity. If you didn’t already know, hunting is an extremely loved sport in Africa and America. In addition to this, it is also a major source of income for innumerable households. If you’re even remotely keen on visiting the best places to hunt, you’ve landed on the right spot. In this article, you’ll discover the top 3 touristy hunting destinations you have to visit once in your lifetime. 




Located in Southeast Africa, Mozambique is a paradise for hunters. This country shares its borders with South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Swaziland, and Malawi. One portion of this beautiful country is bordered by the Indian Ocean. Although Mozambique’s topography consists of thick forests, you can also witness swamplands in the region. The population of animals in this country was endangered by increased poaching and hunting activities. However, the government interviewed and took an initiative to work with the local communities to promote sustained hunting. As a result, Mozambique’s hunting industry is reviving and getting back on track.

A large portion of this country is occupied by hunting areas. For those who visit Mozambique, it is easy to claim trophies from their hunting expeditions. From leopards and lions to elephants and cape buffaloes, one can find a variety of different animals to hunt. It’s also possible for seasoned hunters to get their hands on unusual animals such as Eland, Nyala, Kudu, crocodile, and Chobe bushbuck. One of the animals that cover almost all of Mozambique’s territory is the Sable antelope. 


South Africa


One of the best destinations in the world, South Africa offers luxury along with an easily accessible hunting experience. It is considered the best location for hunters to be at. Preferred by both beginners and veterans alike, South Africa offers a multitude of opportunities to hunt big game. According to the hunting pros at Hunting Giant, world-class crossbows are the best tools for claiming big trophies when you’re out hunting in the parks of South Africa. Depending on your choice of equipment, your hunting experience can differ greatly. You can visit the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, the world-famous Kruger National Park, or the Pilanesberg Game reserve to hunt a diverse variety of games. It is easy to spot a white rhino, gnu, nyala, lion, elephant, and Suni in the major plains of South Africa. 

The country of South Africa boasts of having more than 45 different species of animals that can be hunted here. In addition to the big five games, hunters love to challenge themselves with a large variety of birds. However, there is a certain bag limit for hunting the birds and animals in the park. You will also need to have a hunting license if you wish to go on a hunt. There is a spot for every type of hunter in South Africa, regardless of their preferences and requirements.

outdoor green space of a tourist destination




Considered to be one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Tanzania is a country that offers an extraordinary experience for hunters. This country is loved and revered by hunters as the ultimate destination to hunt for game. Tanzania has some gorgeous game reserves and national parks that are abundant with exotic flora and fauna. If you want to visit the largest hunting area in Tanzania, you might want to check out the Selous Game Reserve. It is the largest hunting ground in the world dedicated to conducting large-scale hunts. A hunter can easily spot a variety of exotic game species in the region that include Gerenuk, Sitatunga, Lions, and Lesser Kunduk. To add more, Tanzania is plush with parks that might not be very popular but still offer ample opportunities for a great hunting experience. These parks include Mkomazi Game Reserve (popular for Rhinos), Gombe Stream National Park, and the Monduli Mountains. 

Every hunter dreams of being at the perfect hunting destination to claim a trophy of a lifetime. While there are many beautiful places in the world for a hunter to claim their trophies, the national parks and game essences of Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania are the top 3 touristy hunting destinations you would want to visit.