It is official! The Victoria Secret show is going to be back in 2023 and fans can expect something innovative!

According to Fashionista, during the 2022 earnings call on Friday, Victoria Secret CFO Timothy Johnson briefly mentioned the brand’s plans to come back with a new fashion show concept. As he mentioned, more details about it will be made public “later this year”. “We’re going to continue to lean into the marketing spend to invest in the business, both at top-of-funnel and also to support the new version of our fashion show, which is to come later this year,” Timothy mentioned.

Victoria Secret Angels.


After the initial public statements, Johnson has made some new exclusive announcements to the outlet. “At VS&Co, we are always innovating and ideating in all spheres of the business to continue to put our customer at the center of all we do and reinforce our commitment to championing women’s voices and their unique perspectives,” the CFO said. “As we’ve previously shared, our new brand projection and mission will continue to be our guiding principle. This will lead us into new spaces like reclaiming one of our best marketing and entertainment properties to date and turning it on its head to reflect who we are today. We’re excited to share more later this year.” he continued.

As for innovation within the brand, CEO Martin Walters made some announcements during the call as well. “We have completely scrubbed all aspects of the business, and we’ve edited out things that we think don’t fit.” he said.

Victoria Secret Scandal

Victoria Secret Angels

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In 2019 the world said “goodbye to the angels”. Due to inside issues such as sexual harassment allegations, lack of diverse talent and poor treatment towards the models claims, the brand had to cancel the show. However, it seems now that the angels are going to be back and… rebranded!

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