It is needless to say that as a collective, we are enduring one of the most  

uniquely challenging years that the majority of us have lived through.  

This Holiday Season, things will look and feel different for a lot of us, 

not having the privilege of participating in the same traditions we may  

normally have. 2020 has taught us to hold the things that matter close to us. 

It’s only natural that Calyx Wellness is celebrating differently this year. 

We want to celebrate what we want to see more of, as a way to  

manifest a brighter future we can be hopeful about. 

In 2020, we choose to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, authenticity, kindness,  

generosity, self-care, inner peace, intimate connectivity, and collective health and strength. 

Here to Heal. 

A Ca-lyx {kay-liks /, noun} are the sepals of a flower,  

typically forming a whorl that encloses the petals and forms a  

protective layer around a flower in bud. They serve to protect  

the flower and its reproductive organs, important to produce  

seeds for the perpetuation of the plant. And we’d like to think  

we’re doing the same! 

Calyx Wellness is Canada’s 1st CBD Retail Brand. Founded  

in 2015, Calyx Wellness has grown from an upstart product  

line to Canada’s leading independent CBD brand.  

Calyx is focused on providing consumers with the highest  

level of quality and purest hemp-derived CBD products. We  

operate retail locations in Toronto, wholesale to hundreds of  

natural products stores across Canada, manage our own  

e-commerce channel, and we have expanded into the US  

for expected launch in 2021. 

Calyx Wellness 



We’re celebrating women’s health: physical, mental,  emotional, and spiritual and we want to see the  best of it in our future. We’re celebrating powerful  self-identifying women. To live holistically, we must  protect wellness itself! 

CBD works harmoniously with our natural  cannabinoid anandamide, which can help tamp  down the stress response and return our hormones  to a natural balance. It’s especially important to  promote self-care and wellbeing and CBD can help.  CBD helps with adult neurogenesis and creating of  new cells and can balance the rhythms in the body to  increase mental clarity, induce relaxation, and  enable a healthy REM cycle sleep to leave you  feeling rested!

Lullaby 100mg CBD Bath Bloom $16.99 

Smooth 600mg CBD Lotion $65 

Heal 1000mg CBD Oil $80  


We’re celebrating physical well-being and champion  

immune systems that have carried us this far and will  

continue to do so with strength and preservation. 

CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory and  

anti-oxidant, which can prevent and relieve pain and  

reduce oxidative stress, making this the supplement  

of choice for recovery and protection. 

Mental health is health and can play a role in  

uplifting or tampering with your immunity. CBD can  

enhance cannabinoid signaling in your body, and  

begin to activate serotonin receptors in your brain. 

This means that CBD can effectively reduce 

stress and anxiety! 

Here’s to our future selves! 

Heal+ 2000mg CBD Oil $145

Repair 1500mg CBD Capsules $110

Detox 100mg CBD Bath Bloom $16.99 

Calyx Wellness 


After a year of understanding what separation from  

the people we love is like, it’s incredibly important to  

protect intimacy and connectivity in any capacity. 

Whether it is a small gathering with your house  

mates, virtual video chatting with loved ones, or  

connecting with your partner after a long day… 

these are the moment’s we’re celebrating this year. 

Better together, even from a distance! 

CBD can be there for you spiritually and  

emotionally, if you’re open to it. Whether you’re  

utilizing CBD in your self-care routine, or using it to  

caretake or connect with a loved one, CBD  

facilitates safe keeping and empathy. Reinforce the  

bond with yourself, knowing you’re doing something  

to promote well-being. The molecule even has the  

ability to help with disorders such as PTSD and  

social anxiety, which can minimize difficulties  

with intimacy and connection building! 

Heart to Heart 100mg CBD Bath Bloom $16.99

Calm 600mg CBD Spray $55 In Lemon-Lime, Spearmint, and Peppermint.

Calyx Wellness 


This one goes out to all of the old & new homies! 

We’re celebrating your unmatched cuddles and loyal  

companionship. Just like our own health, we want to  

prioritize and nurture yours.  

CBD is a revolutionary way to elevate your pet’s  

health and wellness routine. Our furry friends have  

an Endocannabinoid System just like us, that CBD  

can effectively connect to! 

Our Puppy Love Bath Bloom is the first Pet CBD Bath  

Bomb to hit the market. It’s the freshest way to  

integrate CBD into your pet’s life and is ideal for 

soothing skin conditions, reducing hyperactivity or  

aggression, and even relieving aches and pains. 

Puppy Love 100mg CBD Bath Bloom $16.99

Nurture 500mg CBD Oil for Pets $50