Have you heard the Blink 182 News? 

Punk Rock has returned, the American rock stars of the California band Blink 182 recently announced the band’s reunion by releasing their new single “Edging”.

After parting ways almost 15 years ago, Blink 182 legends Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, and Travis Barker decided to “Stay Together for the Kids“. The Punk Rock band that made fun, lively, exciting hits in the early 2000s is back with a vengeance. The band will unite on their monumental world tour in 2023 making stops in Europe, Australia, and North America. 

Blink 182 Logo

Image Credit: blink182.com

In typical Blink 182 fashion, days before the announcement, each bandmate simultaneously added Blink 182 logos to their social media pages hinting that something epic was in the works. The group then released a comical promotion video to announce their reunion world tour, display their new band logo, and welcome Tom Delonge back into the fold. This announcement came as a shock to Blink 182 fans, as the reunion was only a rumor for many months.  

Blink 182

Image Credit: Instagram @blink182 

What led to this reunion?  

 The San Diego trio spent decades apart going through tumultuous times in their personal lives. The unthinkable has affected the lives of the bandmates in ways unimaginable. These musicians have experienced plane crashes, cancer, the death of friends and so much more. Tragedies of this magnitude can strain any relationship, fortunately for the fans of Blink 182, the bandmates bonded over their hardships and rebuilt their friendship. Mark Hoppus who suffered from cancer, told People Magazine this past August “ It’s better than it used to be…It felt very back to what it should be: three friends sitting in a room.… Everybody’s in a great place right now”. 

Blink 182 Old Picture

Image Credit: Instagram @markhoppus

What can fans look forward to?    

New music is at the top of the list for Blink 182, their new project will be their first full-length album since their album “Nine” was released in 2019. Egging fans on Tom Delonge tweeted “we just made the best album of our careers”. The highly anticipated project has rock fans in an uproar, although the album release date has yet to be announced the band encourages fans to purchase their presale concert tickets to see what may happen next. The tour kicks off in March 2023 starting with shows in Latin America. 

Blink 182 World Tour

Image Credit: Instagram @blink182

From the outside looking in, it feels like the perfect time for Blink 182 to join forces and rock out!    

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