You spend a lot of your early life in education, learning a wide range of different subjects. Although you learn many valuable skills while in education, unfortunately, you are not taught many important lessons needed to survive and thrive outside of the school walls. These are general life lessons such as investment, self-defense, financial responsibilities, finding a job, and more. 

These kinds of skills are an important aspect of life and navigating the world after graduation. This article will discuss some of the important things you need to know as an adult that you were probably not taught in school. 

The law 

Unless you studied law at university, it is not a topic typically covered at any lower levels. The law is complex, there is no doubt. A lot of things can be decided through common sense – it is obvious at times the difference between right and wrong. But there are also a lot of grey areas that, without a proper understanding of the law, can easily be misunderstood. 

It would also be important for people to learn the consequences of breaking the law, how the laws (and voting) affect you individually, and more about the workings of the judicial system. What are your rights if you are arrested and how do you find an experienced group of criminal defense attorneys to assist you if you do get into trouble?

First aid 

Knowing how to adequately conduct basic first aid training can save a life. Whether there has been an accident, or you get lost in the woods, knowing how to safely give first aid can be the difference between life or death and potentially mitigating serious health complications. It would be valuable to know how to clean and dress a wound, apply CPR, prevent infection, apply a tourniquet and apply the Heimlich maneuver.  

Self Defense 

Learning self-defense should be a necessity in education to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. In the unfortunate event of an incident, self-defense can be a life-saving technique to know. 

It is also important to carry other items with you, including mace, pepper spray, or an alarm and let someone know where you are going. 

How to get a job 

You learn valuable lessons in school, but what you do not learn is how to take them out of the classroom and into the workplace. Life and business run very differently, so key skills to be able to engage the workforce, support yourself and become self-sufficient is crucial. It is important to know how to find a job, what your skills, capabilities, and transferable skills are, how to write a resume, workplace etiquette, interview skills, negotiating contracts and salaries, knowledge on contracts, and more. 

There are many more skills that are valuable to living and thriving within society that you are not taught in school. Learning these kinds of skills is an important part of building your own life, becoming self-sufficient, and an active member of your community. They also help you to become more independent from your parents, as well as technology.