Sole Purpose was founded by entrepreneur Kavon Massenburg, the brand’s message is to fill the world with purpose and to inspire billions. Massenburg went from being in jail to CEO of his own company in only 3 years! 

Sole Purpose is a brand for those who value individuality, creativity, style, and a shared desire for an inclusive community strengthened by personal progression and leadership. 

At 21 Kavon Massenburg was sitting in a jail cell facing a possible ten-year sentence for dealing drugs. Having just survived a gunshot wound to the head, he was yet again watching his life flash before his eyes. He was sitting on his bunk and wrote six words in his notebook that would begin his journey to Sole Purpose… “How do I change my life?”

The brand offers t-shirts and sweatshirts that include motivational messages in fun graphic designs within the price range of $30-$60 for both men and women. The t-shirts come in all sizes, from Small to XXL. At the moment, they’re having a 14%-25% sale on their website

Sole Purpose Apparel includes 11 products with fun graphic designs that also leave a message in the description of each product like the Break Through Tee, a t-shirt with a graphic design “My purpose is… Free/tice” and the message left on the description is “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. It’s time to help bring freedom to those affected by social injustice”.

Sole Purpose also gives back to organizations that help inspire the youth to begin their journey of life with purpose, a percentage of all sales made are donated to the World of Purpose foundation. World of Purpose Foundation provided groceries for 100+ families who were economically impacted by COVID-19.

If there was ever a time that the world needed a purpose, it’s now. Asian American actress Olivia Munn received a gift on behalf of the brand and thanked founder, Kavon Massenburg, for the positivity he is putting out in the world.