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The world of sports betting is constantly expanding, and more and more people prefer this type of bet, due to the involvement it manages to convey and the convenience guaranteed by online non GamStop sportsbook, which offer increasingly complete services. By relying on the right bookmaker without GamStop, you will be given the opportunity to bet on a wide range of situations: taking football into account, you will be able to bet on the number of goals scored by a team, on the final (or partial) result of the match, etc. A popular type of bet is the “tie bet”. In the following paragraphs, we will see what it is and what its advantages are.

What Are Tie Bets at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

It is a strategy that consists of selecting an ongoing game that is currently tied and betting that it will end that way. Once you have placed your bet on the draw in the match, you will have to wait for one of the two teams to score. The instant a goal is scored, the draw odds will rise significantly and therefore the stake will give you a profit. Tie bets are widely used by players, as it is a long-established method, a method born in the early days of betting games.

Bets based on a draw are a very interesting alternative to traditional types of bets for two main reasons: firstly, a draw in any half of the match (first or second half) will be sufficient to win, and this makes this bet more “reassuring” and psychologically less trying than other types. 

Breakeven betting as a strategy

As we saw in the previous paragraph, draw bets represent a different betting tool: you will therefore need a different strategy to bet on a draw, a strategy that will be based above all on the statistics of the teams playing the matches, to identify the matches. In the next paragraph, we will analyze the fundamental elements for a good strategy, and some useful tricks.

Essentials Ideas for a Tie Betting Strategy – Tips and Tricks

One of the best-known and most-used strategies inherent to bets on a tie is zeroing the risk of a tie. The risk reduction strategy consists in always betting on a draw after a goal by one of the teams: at the time of the goal, you can place a bet on the new increased draw odds, in order to limit the risk of the tie bet. Below we will see the most important elements and some ideas to take into consideration to develop the right strategy.

What Are the Draw Odds?

The odds of a tie usually range between 2.80 and 3.60, which means between 27% and 35% probability of it occurring.

Analyze the Match

You will also have to accompany the study of the statistics with the type of match you intend to bet on: the percentages and odds can in fact change in relation to the nature of the match, whether it is a friendly, a Champions League, Cup, home or away match for the favourites: the type of match will influence the way the teams play, and it is essential to place your bet in the right matches.

Analyze the Stats

As we have seen previously, statistics are at the heart of tie bets. There are several statistics that you will have to take into consideration: teams that haven’t drawn for some time and that will face a team close in the standings; the leagues with the highest percentage of draws; and the teams that tend to draw more often, with an eye to defensive teams (which rarely push themselves into the opposing goal).

Game Form

The strategy and style of play of the teams are components that you will have to consider to bet on the right match: teams with more “aggressive” strategies aimed at attacking will have lower percentages of the probability of ending up in a draw than defensive teams that hardly move from own half of the pitch.

Always Look for the Best Odds for Draws

The best way to organize your strategy for entering a draw is to compare different betting sites, in order to find the most convenient odds to bet on draws.

Don’t Forget the Cash-Out Option

Lastly (but not least), you need to have in mind when to cash out, or when you intend to withdraw from a bet. Generally, for newbies, it is recommended to cash out at the first positive result.

Popular Sports for Tie Bets at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Betting is suitable for almost any type of sport, however, remember that to carry out a good draw betting strategy you will need to research the most suitable sports which guarantee you a good victory. Let’s see which are the most suitable sports.


Football betting not on GamStop is undoubtedly the most versatile sport when it comes to sports betting: the options to diversify your bets are countless in this sport, and the tie betting strategy that you will be able to apply is many thanks to the large number of events that are organized and the variety of teams and styles of play.

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Basketball, Ice Hockey, American Football

Other sports worthy of consideration for betting on a tie are Basketball, Hockey and American Football: more generally, sports in which the number of plays in each season is numerous, and the statistics are quite reliable.

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