A terrifying video shows a tiger shark attack in Egypt. HOLR is breaking down the shocking news and why it’s trending online.

CAUTION: Disturbing content ahead

There is a disturbing video circling online showcasing a shark attacking a man in Egypt. This TikTok video posted by user @dna_reptiles, details why the incident is trending online.


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The TikToker does not show the full video- as it contains graphic content- but it is allegedly circulating online. As noted here, the video allegedly shows the young man- named Vladimir Popov- thrashing in the water as he is repeatedly attacked by a shark that is circling him. Popov is then dragged under the water.

Tiger Shark Attack Egypt

As mentioned in this article, a Russian man was attacked by a shark off Egypt’s Red Sea coast. This attack is considered rare. According to the article, Popov’s father, Yury, watched helplessly as the attack happened from the shore.

Shark Attack Egypt

As mentioned in the TikTok video, authorities allegedly did find and kill a massive tiger shark that they believed killed Popov. Tiger sharks are one of the few species of sharks known to actually attack people, according to the TikToker. Tiger sharks are also allegedly known for eating larger prey. Supposedly, only about 10 people a year worldwide die from shark attacks.

Although a tiger shark was caught and killed, authorities are leaving a 46-mile (74km) stretch of the coastline closed off, in which it would remain off-limits until Sunday, mentioned here.

Tiger Shark Attack Egypt Video Reddit

Reddit users took to the platform to discuss the unfortunate incident. Here’s what some users had to say about the heartbreaking video and what happened in this trending thread:

“That video was hard to watch. When he tries swimming back you just know he’s running on adrenaline at that point. Very sad and unfortunate,” said one user.

“Honestly it’s awful, he was only a young lad. How he calls out “papa” is just heartbreaking,” stated another user.

“I can’t blame anyone for not jumping into the water and swimming out to help him. I mean, unless someone brought their AK to the beach, what are they going to do? Punch the shark in the nose and hope it goes away? Looks like that small boat tried to get to him, but the shark didn’t need much time to do more damage than anyone could survive. I don’t care who this dude was or where he was from, I wouldn’t wish ‘death by shark attack’ on anyone,” stated another user.

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