TikTok influencer audit scam what happened HOLR breaks it down.

Audit Scam TikTok

According to this TikTok video posted by user @itstylerkidd, the influencer was seemingly “scammed” by another influencer on the app who agreed to conduct an audit on her social media channels in an effort to provide her with ways in which to improve them, providing helpful insight into “what is working and what is not.” This TikToker paid for the audit service and so did her friend, who is also a content creator.

As the TikToker claims, she was excited to receive her “personalized” audit. Once her and her friend received their individual audits, they realized that they received practically the same audits even though they were different creators. The content creators have different content and audience followings. According to the influencer who received her audit, it was “clear” that these audits were “templates” that were “copied and pasted” with little things that were tweaked.

Prior to purchasing this audit, the influencer claimed that the reviews were glowing, which is why she purchased it. The influencer then commented a “nice but honest” review on the platform regarding her experience with the audit only to realize that it was deleted. She left a 3-star review and stated that although the audit was helpful it was “upsetting” that the audit seemed copied and pasted. She felt as though the audit was not personalized.

She then received an email from the influencer running the audits who claimed that she appreciated the feedback but that these audits were just a general to-root problem-solution. This is allegedly claiming that all content creators have the same root issue which is why the audits are seemingly similar.

Influencer Audit Scam 

@itstylerkidd’s friend @angelinamessa- who also paid for and received an audit- posted a response video here outlining her side. She also claimed that the website had great reviews (4-5 stars), and they were so excited to receive their reviews. Once they got them they were disappointed because they were identical and not personalized to their platforms. She also claims that Tyler’s review got deleted.

People also put two and two together realizing who the influencer was that was allegedly “scamming” content creators out of these audits.

Allegedly, it was Lauren Russ.

As a result, creator @laurennrusss_ took to TikTok here to share her side of the story.  She claimed that this situation has been blown out of proportion and that it has been “damaging” to her “mental health and business.” She claims that the internet has seemingly been attacking her for these alleged claims. She states that she has been on social media for over 5 years and has a lot of knowledge on things in terms of providing insight. She claims that her audits were just based on advice and not “once” did she claim that they were customized. She claims that this is a rumor. Moving forward she has allegedly made things more clear.

What do you think of this alleged TikTok drama?

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