Perez Hilton has come forward to address the recent passing of TikToker, Kyle Marisa Roth.

Kyle Marisa Roth TikTok

According to this TikTok video posted by user @stephwithdadeets, Perez Hilton has addressed the passing of TikToker, Kyle Marisa Roth.


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Kyle Marisa Roth Perez

As the TikToker notes, Hilton did a live stream addressing the latest news.  In the clip, Hilton claims that Roth was a creator with a “big following on TikTok” and “all she did was speculate.” Hilton goes on to allege that he was “not a fan” of Roth’s content on TikTok as she mainly covered blind items about notable figures and celebrities.

He claimed that “it’s sad that she’s dead, she was only 36 years old” but that he “did not like what she did, I do not respect what she did.” He alleged that all she did was “read blind items” and that she “didn’t even write herself.” He also goes on to say that he “doesn’t like blind items” because “they’re BS.”

Hilton also alleges that about a month ago he posted a video of Roth talking about the “most ridiculous things” about Princess Catherine and Prince William. He goes on to say that Roth’s family did not know Roth’s cause of death and that this is where “speculation comes in.” Hilton goes on to address what may have allegedly caused her passing, going on to speculate things such as depression, anorexia, or an overdose.

As the TikToker notes, Hilton has caused quite a stir online based on his remarks. He addressed Roth’s speculative TikTok videos, claiming he did not respect them, and goes on to seemingly speculate her cause of death.

Kyle Marisa Roth Autopsy Report 

As Roth’s family claimed online, they do not know the cause of her death right now. However, this article on claims that an autopsy has been completed but the results of a toxicology report could take months to be finalized.

There have been rumors floating around online alleging what may have happened to Roth, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

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