A viral series on TikTok is circulating online titled, “Who TF Did I Marry?” HOLR breaks it down.

Who TF Did I Marry TikTok

TikToker @reesamteesa started a playlist series that has since gone viral on the social media platform, about how she met, dated, married, and divorced a real pathological liar.

In this video, she introduces and adds a disclaimer about the video stating that she is going to be “truthful” about the situation she claims is true, even though it may make her look bad. She also states that she will not use anyone’s real name as she does not have “permission to do so.” She also states that she has no communication once so ever with her ex-husband, who is the subject of this viral story.

This video series- which allegedly has 50 parts- has been trending wildly on TikTok with people discussing the events that seemingly took place between the couple.

Who TF Did I Marry Part 2

Although there are 50 parts to the series, TikToker @katierosepope took to her platform here to share a summary and key points from @reesamteesa’s now-viral series.

As noted in the above clip, the story starts out with the woman going on a date who a guy who states that he is the VP of a company and that he just moved to Atlanta for his job. He claimed that he had a bunch of money in an offshore account reportedly things such as from arena football and his alleged high-paying job. COVID hits so the duo quarantines together where he talks about buying a house in which they reportedly go look at houses together.

However, the TikToker states that there are a lot of excuses and “something always happens” where it falls through. He provided her with “paperwork” loans that seemingly proved he had funds and he would chat with his family every day- supposedly- never on speakerphone though. They eventually get married and he keeps allegedly having issues when realtors ask for proof of funds.

Who TF Did I Marry Part 3

This is when she seemingly gets suspicious when he doesn’t put offers on these houses. This is also when she starts to realize that everything he ever told her was a lie. For instance, she contacts his ex-wife and it turns out he lied about his ex-wife’s daughter having died, which did not happen.  The ex-wife also allegedly agreed with the woman telling the story that he was lying.

He also seemingly does not have money. However, he was paying for little things here and there and seemingly did not financially burden the woman from what the TikToker can tell from the clips.  He also allegedly put another social security number on his marriage license as outlined in the clip.

When the woman conducts a more thorough background check she finds out that the man is actually a felon and comes into contact with his family who claims that they don’t speak to him. As a result, the phone calls he had previously had with his “family” were seemingly fake- either no one was on the other end of the phone or someone else was pretending to be his family when he made those. alleged phone calls.

Who TF Did I Marry TikTok Husband

His family alleges they cut ties with him and that he had been a liar since he was young. He allegedly also doesn’t have real friends because they also supposedly cut ties with him. The woman’s story is about uncovering his lies and how much her ex-husband was lying. The woman is very “self-reflective” throughout the series of the things she went through with this man.

Although we don’t know the identity of this woman’s husband from the story, what do you think about this viral series?

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