Have you ever tried a viral food trend from TikTok? What about adding your own spin to it? Food trends are breaking records on TikTok and it’s becoming the go-to platform for Canadians to learn new recipes. Food trends unlock creativity giving users the chance to put their own twist on them and create a community of people with similar taste buds.

With over 776 million views on TikTok worldwide, #PastaChips are one of the most-loved trends grabbing the attention of Canadians. Now, TikTok has brought this trend to life by partnering with local food trucks across Canada and are having their chefs create their own unique spin on the recipe, sure to make everyone drool!

For FREE, Torontonians got to try Chef Aleem’s version of the dish with THG’s Hot Chicken special blue cheese mayo, Vancouverites tasted Shameless Buns’ famous sinigang seasoning flavour and Montreal-based Kitchen 73 had Montrealers dipping in a delicious yogurt sauce with hints of lemon and cucumber last weekend. Up next – Calgarians will get to try BearBalls YYC’s truly Canadian salt & vinegar flavour and will get to enjoy their dill pickle dip. All the details for the Calgary food truck is below! Don’t miss out on this tasty summer snack.


  • Food truck: Great Canadian Bear Balls aka BearBallsYYC // @canadabearballs
  • Where/When: Global Fest at Elliston Park on Thursday, Aug. 19 and Saturday, Aug. 21 from 6:30-10:30 pm, while supplies last.
  • Taste profile: Salt & vinegar flavour with a dill pickle dip.
  • Canadian Bear Balls serves up canoe-sized Canadian-inspired treats from poutine to lobster rolls to cinnamon-dusted Bear Balls (donut holes). They are most famous for donut holes covered in sweet magical treats and poutine.