Book, coffee and whiskey enthusiast Jessica Pineda beautifully captures and documents her travels all around the world. HOLR recently got to know her and some of her recommendations for future travels.

1. What experience first sparked your passion for travelling?

Well, I think my passion for travel really ignited during a cross country road trip I took with my father in 2016. It was the first time I really got to see my own country and how different every part of it really is. From that moment I was hooked on seeing as much of my country and world as possible. 

2. When did you start capturing your travels in a more stylized way?

It wasn’t until 2018 that I really started to create stylized and curated images and that came about from sharing my photos on Instagram and a desire for a more uniformed feed. 

3. Do you have any tips or tricks for capturing a captivating landscape photo?

One of my favourite tips is to get out and take photos early, I’m talking before 7 am early. You’ll usually get the best light in the am hours and less people which makes for a dreamy scene. 

4. What is one of the most memorable places that you’ve been to?

Gosh so many places spark memories but one of my most memorable trips has to be England, I was in the country for 6 months so I really got to explore a lot of it and most of the exploring I did was my own which creates a unique experience. I particularly loved how easy it was to hop on a train and be transported from one fairytale city to the next. 

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Pineda @_wanderlustandwhiskey

5. How do you decide where to go, eat etc. when you get to a new destination?

I primarily use Instagram as a point of reference for cities I am visiting, I also tend to use websites like culture trip and atlas obscura to source unique places to eat, visit or shop at. 

6. What’s the most off the beaten path spot you’ve been to?

The first place that comes to mind is the caves near the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland. These beautiful seaside caves were surrounded by turquoise water and felt more like the Caribbean then Northern Ireland. 

7. How did you discover it?

Really by accident, my best friend and I were set to visit the carrick a rede rope bridge but it was full for the day so we just set off wandering down the coastline and found this beautiful area completely empty it was magical and meant to be. 

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Pineda @_wanderlustandwhiskey

8. What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned through your travels?

I think my biggest lesson has been gratitude. Being able to travel is just such a privilege, to begin with, let alone being able to travel and see parts of the world with the people you love. There’s an immense amount of gratitude for each experience and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that type of appreciation until I started travelling. 

9. What places are on your bucket list?

So many places but right now Amsterdam, Venice, Paris and Marakesh are really high on the list. 

10. What culture have you experienced that’s left a lasting impression on you?

Definitely Spanish culture has left an impression on me. Spain is absolutely one of my favourite countries. My ancestry leads back to Spain so there’s this part of me that feels so connected to the culture and its people. I especially loved being in the Andalusian region and seeing the Moorish influences there. 

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Pineda @_wanderlustandwhiskey

Location-Specific Travel Tips:

What’s your favourite spot that you travelled to last year?

Vienna Austria was my favourite trip of last year. 

If someone had 24- hours there what would you recommend they do?

Walk around the beautiful Innere Stadt (old town) and take in the beautiful architecture. Got to the top of St Stephen’s Catherdral and enjoy the view. Walk to the Schonbrunn Garden and have a wander about then head to the Hundertwasser House and check out its insanely cool facade. 

What area would you stay in?

Stay in Innere Stadt is a great central location and easily accessible by Vienna’s public transportation system. 

Where would you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Breakfast at Paremi 

Lunch at any wurstel 

Dinner at 57 lounge 

What’s a must-see off-the-beaten-path spot?

I’d say the Hundertwasser house is a def a bit off the beaten path but worth a visit, it’s only a short walk from Innere Stadt but it’s a lesser-known attraction. 

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Pineda @_wanderlustandwhiskey

What’s the best place to grab a drink?

Loos American Bar, don’t be thrown off by the name because this place has the most incredible cocktails! 

What’s the best place to have a coffee?

Have a coffee at Balthasar Kaffe bar with an Austrian Brioche and then get coffee later with strudel at the iconic Cafe Central Ps it’s worth the wait in line. 

What activity would you choose to do for fun?

I’d suggest doing some bar hopping it’s a great city to have a night out in. 

Where’s the coolest photo to take a photo?

Top of St Stephen’s Cathedral for the most incredible views and one of the pretties roofs you’ll ever see. 

What museum or art gallery would you go to?

Do not miss the Austrian National Library it’s is one of the most beautiful book places you’ll ever see and so worth visiting.

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Pineda @_wanderlustandwhiskey

You can check out more of Jessica on her Instagram @_wanderlustandwhiskey