Getting a ticket is bad enough. Typically, you don’t budget for that expense, so it can be challenging to pay the fine. But that’s not the worst of it. You’ll see higher car insurance premiums if you have a few traffic tickets on your dance premiums. 

However, only some instances of getting pulled over will result affect insurance. If you’re wondering what types of tickets affect insurance, we’ll explain that next. 

We’ll also give you examples of tools that will reduce your risk of getting a ticket in the first place, and finally, we’ll help you find the lowest rates possible for car insurance.

Tickets and Car Insurance

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Only some tickets will affect your car insurance premiums. For example, parking tickets don’t affect insurance premiums. 

Most of the time, non-moving violations do not impact insurance rates, while moving violations do. In some states, speeding tickets within 10 miles per hour of the posted speed limit aren’t reported to your insurance company and don’t go on your record. 

You may be wondering why insurance premiums change based on traffic tickets. There’s a statistical link between traffic violations and an increased risk of filing a claim. Since insurance companies are the ones liable for that increased risk, they charge riskier drivers higher premiums.

Here are some of the traffic violations that will affect your insurance premiums. 

Speeding Tickets

When you think of a moving violation, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a speeding ticket. The faster you drive, the more expensive your ticket will be and the more points it will add to your license.

Speeding tickets also lead to higher insurance premiums. Your insurance company will recognize tickets on your record for at least three years. The extra money you pay in three years’ worth of premiums will probably dwarf the monetary penalty of your ticket. 

Traffic ticket defense can be difficult, but it’s worth the effort. If you live in California, for example, you can look up traffic ticket defense in Downey and other California cities to find an attorney who can help you fight your ticket. This way, you can avoid the added expenses of higher insurance premiums.

Reckless Driving Tickets

This type of violation is even more dangerous than speeding, and after a couple of these tickets, your insurance company might cancel your coverage.

Failure to Yield Tickets

Failing to yield the right of way increases your risk of causing an accident, which is one of the reasons it’s illegal. 

Driving Under the Influence Tickets

Driving under the influence is one of the worst things you can do for your safety and the safety of others. It also has one of the most extensive effects on your insurance for any traffic violation.

You may wonder how are car insurance rates affected by a DUI violation. 

If you have one DUI, your insurance rates could easily double — and not only your car insurance rates. Life insurance rates after a DUI could also double. If you have two or more, you may not even be able to purchase car insurance in the competitive marketplace.

Accessories to Avoid Getting Pulled Over

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You may think that you need a “fuzz buster.” That way, you’ll know the police are running radar before they see you. However, it turns out that radar detectors are outdated technology and probably won’t be helpful. 

Many law enforcement agencies use laser speed detectors and other devices that can activate the radar sensor, and often, when they do work as advertised, it’s too late because your speed has already been recorded.

So, that’s off the list, but several other accessories are beneficial.

#1 – Hands-Free Technology

It’s dangerous to use your phone while driving. Most people acknowledge that, but far too many people still use their phones when driving. 

New cars usually have hands-free technology built into their audio system. However, if you’re driving an older car that doesn’t, you can purchase a hands-free accessory to answer calls and respond to text messages without taking your hands off the steering wheel or eyes off the road.

You won’t get a ticket for using your phone while driving if you only use your phone hands-free. 

#2 – Monitoring Apps

People generally don’t like the idea of being monitored, but when that monitoring leads to safer driving and lower insurance rates, many people agree to be monitored.

Your current insurer likely has either an app or an option to install a device in your car. Both options monitor your driving habits like braking, acceleration, and speed. Insurance companies use this information to help set your rates. 

If you practice safe habits, you’ll generally pay lower rates than if you have risky habits. 

While a monitoring system won’t directly change your driving safety, reading the report can alert you to dangerous activities that you might not have even realized. When you drive safer, and within the speed limit, you’ll have a far lower chance of getting pulled over.

#3 – Breathylizer Ignition

A breathalyzer accessory isn’t for everyone. You probably don’t want to use one unless you have to. But the fact is, unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused a spike in alcohol addiction.

More people are drinking and driving drunk. If you have to check your blood alcohol content (BAC) before you drive, you’re probably not going to drive drunk, and you’re not going to get a ticket for driving drunk.

In many states, if you’ve had one or two or more DUIs, you will have to install a BAC reader to your car so that you can’t drive if you’ve been drinking.

#4 – Backup Camera

Backup cameras let you see what’s out of sight behind your car when you’re backing up to park or get out of a parking spot. If you back into a parked car or a person walking behind your vehicle, chances are, you’ll get a ticket. 

A backup camera can reduce your risk of hitting something or someone and your chance of getting a ticket.

#5 – Apps with Police Locations

Yes, you should be driving carefully all the time to give yourself the best chance of avoiding a ticket, but apps like Waze can help you know where to be extra careful.

Other app users can add police location to the GPS, so you know when you’re approaching law enforcement looking for traffic violations.

Phone apps can revolutionize your life in just about every way, so you can take advantage of the ones that can help you avoid tickets.

Avoiding tickets is one way to keep your insurance premiums low, but there are several other ways to ensure you’re not overpaying for the coverage you need. We’ll get to the next.

Save on Car Insurance

If you’re looking to save on car insurance, you should start with a quote comparison. Your current insurer may not be the perfect fit for you, and when you see what other companies offer for premiums for the same coverage, you might be surprised how much you could save.

Here are some other ways you can save:

  • Clean record – You’ll pay more for insurance if you have tickets on your record. If your record is clean, you can expect lower premiums.
  • Coverage level – Perhaps you have more coverage than you need. For example, you may no longer need full coverage if your vehicle is over ten years old. You’ll save significantly on your premiums if you only carry liability insurance. 
  • Deductibles – Your policy’s comprehensive and collision sections will have accompanying deductibles if you have full coverage. By raising your deductible, you’ll decrease your premiums. Remember that you’ll have to meet your deductible if you file a claim. 
  • Discounts – You can stack discounts on top of each other and save 30% or more on premiums.

Avoiding tickets is one reason to drive safely, but it shouldn’t be the primary reason. Keeping yourself and others safe should be your objective, and avoiding tickets and reducing your insurance premiums will be added benefits. 

Melanie Musson writes and researches for the car insurance comparison site, She strives to help people understand how insurance can set them up for financial stability and success.

Published by HOLR Magazine.

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