Life is becoming faster-paced with every day that passes and let’s be honest, no one has time for a 35-minute makeup routine every morning. Most of us hit the snooze button until we can’t afford to do it anymore, which means every minute counts. Is there a way you could look just as good with nothing but a 5-minute freestyle makeup? Yes — say hello to makeup hacks! 

Now, ‘hacks’ are supposed to be quick and effective, requiring minimal effort and providing maximum results. We’ve gathered some such hacks to make your life easier every morning — so, keep reading and thank us later.

Hack 1: Concealer Isn’t Just for Your Eyes

Using concealer around your nose is a game-changer — try it. It instantly removes the ‘groggy’ look from your face because there’s suddenly an Instagram filter on your nose — the good kind. It’s an especially handy tip if you’re having a lazy morning (aren’t they all?). 

Once you’re done using concealer on the dark circles, take a pea-sized drop of concealer and blend it around your nose to hide imperfections. 

Hack 2: Coat Your Lashes From Every Direction

Beautiful Brows and Lashes go a long way in bringing your whole look together — and mascara is a crucial tool for that. However, you’ve probably not been making the most out of it. 

You might be used to applying a mascara brush from the underside of your lashes without tackling any other angle. Well, an extra 10 seconds could make your lashes look way better throughout the day with an even coat from all sides. Apply the mascara from above your lashes as well and you’ll see how big of a difference it makes.

Hack 3: Don’t Forget the Blush

The blush takes 5 to 10 seconds, but that’s exactly what makes it easy to forget. It makes a massive difference in your makeup’s appeal, especially if your cheekbones are your star feature! 

Open any makeup tutorial video on YouTube and notice how much attention the pros give to the cheek color. The least you can do is apply some blush-on no matter how much of a hurry you’re in! It instantly livens your face up with a healthy vibrance, especially if you apply it well.

Hack 4: Never Skip the Eye Brow Curler

As I mentioned above, the eyebrows and lashes play a pretty significant role in your overall look. In a quick makeup routine, you should never skip stuff that takes 5 to 10 seconds and makes a massive difference. One such example is the eyebrow curler! 

Curled eyebrows don’t just look great, but they also send a message to onlookers that you’ve put some elaborate effort into your self-care. In reality, you haven’t spent any longer than a couple of minutes, but shh!

Hack 5: Sleep Well

This one might sound preachy, but it’s not. Since this article is all about low-effort and high-performance hacks for improving your morning look, sleeping well should top the chart. Think about it — what could be lower-effort than sleeping? Sleep on time, wake up fresh, and you’ll have a much fresher canvas to do your makeup on every morning. All the best! 

Published on Holr Magazine