Smoothies are simple to make and quickly help your body to be full of life and energy when you feel tired and lack energy after a long day of studying and working.


Smoothies help you cool down in the summer and provide the body with a large number of necessary nutrients and help you have healthy skin. Smoothies are nutritious drinks rich in vitamins that are good for health. Making your fruit smoothies at home helps you have a delicious smoothie that is good for your health and ensures safety and hygiene. This article will suggest simple healthy smoothie recipes that will help your body have more energy and improve your health. 

Banana Smoothie

Bananas are a delicious fruit for health. Eating bananas and peppers will help reduce hair loss and hair fiber, cure dry skin, help whiten skin, reduce wrinkles and scars. 



  • Ripe banana, not bruised (prepare 1-2 bananas )
  • Yogurt (optional)
  • Ice cubes


  •  Slice the bananas and drop a few ice cubes or yogurt in the blender
  •  Choose pulse blend mode for beautiful color, and you’ve got an incredibly delicious and nutritious banana smoothie. 

Besides, you can also combine bananas with other fruits such as apples, mangoes to create more flavors.

Mango Smoothie 

Mango smoothie is one of the delicious and very nutritious drinks that many people use every day. 



  • Ripe mango: Choose a naturally ripe mango with even yellow skin (prepare 5-6 mangoes)
  • Yogurt: The yogurt you choose can be plain fermented yogurt or yogurt combined with other fruits. 


  • Peel the mango. Note that when the mango is ripe, you only need to lightly peel or peel the mango to get the most amount of flesh.
  • Place the yogurt and mango with ice in the blender. Turn on the machine and puree until the ingredients are evenly blended and smooth.

Fresh Avocado Milk Smoothie

 Natural avocados have countless nutritional and health benefits for everyone. Avocados are worth eating every day.



  • Ripe avocado (prepare 1-2 avocados)
  • Condensed milk (60gr)
  • Fresh milk (50ml)
  • Sugar 
  • Ice cubes 


  • Halve the avocado lengthwise to easily remove the seeds and grated layer, remove the flesh, and place in a bowl.
  • Add five ice cubes, grated avocados, condensed milk, and fresh milk to pure within 30 seconds. When the mixture is smooth and fluffy, you have a delicious smoothie to drink. You can adjust the amount of sugar and milk depending on your preference.

Strawberry Smoothie 

Strawberries can no longer make delicious smoothies outside of eating. Strawberry smoothies have become so popular thanks to their distinctive, fatty flavor that everyone likes.



  • Strawberry (adjust according to how much you make)
  • Condensed milk (100gr)
  • Fresh milk (150ml)
  • Ice cubes 


  • Wash the strawberries, cut the leaves, cut the strawberries into pieces.
  • Mix ice, condensed milk, and fresh milk for 1 minute. Blend until the mixture is smooth and beautiful; you have a delicious smoothie to drink.

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