Top Names In Epsteins Private Calendar

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article revealing the contents of Jeffrey Epstein’s private calendar. The journal stated that the documents reveal that Epstein had met with prominent people in the years after he was convicted of sex offenses. Although the Journal could not confirm whether each of these meetings took place, the names on the list include top-level executives, politicians, and other people of power, such as the current CIA Director William Burns, Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, and professor Noam Chomsky.

Who Is In Epsteins Little Black Book

The documents included a 92-page contact book compiled by Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein that Gawker had leaked in 2015. This contact book contains phone numbers and names of more than 1,000 celebrities, politicians, and top businessmen, including Prince Andrew, Alec Baldwin, Tony Blair, and Michael Bloomberg. The Wall Street Journal’s recent article sheds light on the meetings Epstein had with the people listed in the contact book.

CIA Chief William Burns Epstein

The Journal’s report revealed that William Burns, who is the current director of the CIA, met with Epstein three times in 2014 when he was the deputy secretary of state. The documents show that their first meeting took place in Washington, D.C., followed by two visits to Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse. According to a spokesperson for Burns, these meetings took place when Burns was leaving the government, and Epstein was introduced to him as an expert in the financial services sector who offered general advice on transitioning to the private sector. The spokesperson stated that Burns had no relationship with Epstein.

Obama Admin Kathryn Ruemmler Epstein

Kathryn Ruemmler, who served in the Obama administration and later became Goldman Sachs’ top lawyer in 2020, had dozens of meetings with Epstein, according to the Journal’s report. The documents show that Epstein planned to travel to Paris with Ruemmler in 2015 and that he intended to bring her to his private Caribbean island in 2017. A spokesperson for Goldman Sachs stated that Ruemmler had a working relationship with Epstein while working at law firm Latham & Watkins LLP, but did not travel with him. The spokesperson also said that Epstein introduced Ruemmler to potential legal clients such as Bill Gates.

Epstein Private Calendar Details

Other notable figures listed on Epstein’s private calendar include Bard College president Leon Botstein, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and anthropologist Helen Fisher. The Journal’s report states that the majority of people who met with Epstein did so for donations or to make powerful connections.

In conclusion, the Wall Street Journal’s recent article sheds light on the meetings Epstein had with prominent individuals in the years following his conviction for sex offenses. The documents show that Epstein was still able to interact with people in power, and some of these meetings took place with individuals who are currently in high-ranking positions. Although the purpose of these meetings is not entirely clear, the list of names on Epstein’s private calendar raises questions about who else may have had a relationship with the convicted sex offender.

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