In the Spirit of winter, now is the perfect time to invest in a few of these technological masterpieces. 

Here are some top winter tech trends and accessories to have :


Air Purifiers:

Highly compact and portable air purifiers prove very useful during the holiday season when families and friends come together. They remove contaminants like smoke, dust, volatile organic compounds, and possibly even microbes, though efficacy in that regard is hardly proven. Don’t count on air purifiers to protect you against possible infections, but do look to them for a fresher, more pleasant indoor environment, whether at home, a hotel, or a family member’s house. 


Personal Heaters:

These come in all shapes and sizes, from hand warmers to devices that heat up entire rooms and even double as air purifiers. Regardless, all aim to keep you warm on a personal level without having to rely exclusively on the central heating or bulky heaters at home. Likewise, many personal heaters offer great portability so they’re easy to take with you out into the cold, providing hours of close-quarters warmth so you don’t need to bundle up like a big, ungainly bear. 

Gadget Flow

Temperature Controlled Mugs:

Give humans enough time and they’ll think of everything. We now live in the age of smart mugs that keep your coffee, tea, or other beverage of choice at just the right temperature based on your preference. No more disappointing, cold drinks if you leave mugs unattended for ten minutes. Smart mugs often include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can control them via the app from your phone. Now that’s progress. Almost too much progress.

Yanko Design

Sanitizer and Wireless Charger:

Ultraviolet light exposure has been used to sanitize stuff on an industrial scale for decades or more. Thanks to the march of technology, we now have compact UV sanitation chambers the size of a small cable box or modem that opens up so you can put your phone or any other device that’ll fit inside. That includes smartwatches, earbuds, and various cards, among others. Once your device goes in, you close the hatch, hit start, and the sanitizer destroys up to 99.9% of all microbes that previously lived on your phone or other objects. Very helpful in this day and age.

Even better, engineers in this trending gadget category have figured out ways to make sanitizers double as wireless chargers. So you place your phone into the UV chamber to clean it, then leave it inside until it’s fully charged. Again, this is definitely progress.

Happy holidays and a very safe winter season to everyone.

Published on HOLR Magazine.