For the second year in a row, Toronto has cancelled all major events happening this summer due to COVID-19.

Last summer was the first summer that the Canadian National Exhibition was cancelled in 142 years of operating. Along with the CNE, events like the Honda Indy, Caribana and the Taste of the Danforth are some of the major events that the city of Toronto announced will not be happening.

It is said that all major events will not be happening until after Labour Day or September 6th. This means that the city is hoping to make sure that numbers for COVID-19 and its variants do not go up from these mass crowded events.

Indie Wire

As the government has given a specific date being September 6th, that gives us the idea that the city is hoping to host the Toronto International Film Festival, scheduled between September 9th-18th.

Along with these restrictions, many other events like Pride, Rib Fest, Salsa in Toronto and many many more events have not been given permits for public property, in and around Toronto.

This leads to another economical hit for business owners. Many owners have been looking forward to starting making more money this summer, but once again as events have been cancelled, restaurants and businesses are taking the hit.