On October 9th, Accolades release their newest single, “American Dollars” off their upcoming album “Our House” which will be released under Akashic Rekords.

To best understand why their sound is so special, let’s talk about rock music. Rock{‘n’roll} is a constantly evolving genre. Dating back to the 1950’s, rock n’ roll evolved through the years, often sounding very distinct decade to decade. During each evolution, different sub-genres developed; psychedelic rock, punk rock, jazz rock, classic rock, and countless others all blossomed under the ‘rock’ umbrella. With all of this musical exploration, where can the genre go from here? Like many well-explored mediums, a return to roots might be the answer. Along with rhythm & blues, jazz music was a potent influence in the birth of rock. Certain elements of jazz music, such as neighboring tones and saxophones, were prominent in early rock n’roll.

Accolades have revived techniques from rock’s inception to create something new and exciting; incorporating classic techniques from rock and jazz, releasing a fun and funky modern sound. “American Dollars” captures the group’s signature sound; something nostalgic fused with something modern! Within the song’s first 20 seconds, they showcase their well-studied jazz and rock techniques through the instant bang of brass instruments, followed closely by rock melody and vocals before introducing a funky bass line; successfully fusing jazz, rock, and funk. The rock n roll melodies and vocals accompanied by a funky baseline and heavy brass clarifies the new jazz rock funk fusion. As all the best things do, a little something old with a little something new.  Stay Tuned for the video for “American Dollars” coming soon! Listen to American Dollars HERE 


Meet the band:

Michael Shanahan on guitar.

Mark Athanasiadis on drums.

Sandy Murphy on bass.

Thomas Thurley on vocals

Corey Weinberg on percussion 

Matt Smith and Teddy Zamor on trumpet.

Andrew Gormley and Nick Marshall on trombone.

Alex Manoukas, Bobby Shaw, and Luke Wrigglesworth on saxophone 

Special guest: Yanick Allwood on keyboards, Igor Vrabac on background vocals