Toys “R” Us and Kids Help Phone have teamed up to fight the good fight against bullying. Leading up to February 23rd, which is Pink Shirt Day Toys “R” Us will be selling the Pink shirt that they have designed and donating $1 for every shirt they sell from in-store or online purchases. 

The theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is not only to stop bullying but to encourage kids all across Canada to spread kindness. Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day started as an act of kindness in 2007 when two Nova Scotia students noticed a fellow male classmate being bullied for wearing pink. In support of their classmate, the students rallied other students to arrive at school the next day wearing pink shirts in solidarity. Since 2007, Pink Shirt Day has grown as an international symbol uniting people and students around the world to stand together against bullying. 

“’Choose kindness.’ That’s a lesson we want to teach kids early and often,” says Toys “R” Us Canada’s Marketing Director, Allyson Banks. “We’re proud to be a partner with Kids Help Phone, which works to change and save children’s lives: all day, every day. We want to help create a safer, more equitable and inclusive environment free from bullying – that allows kids to be kids.”

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s 24/7 national e-mental health service that offers free, bilingual, confidential, professional counselling, information, and referrals to support youth with mental health issues. Since March of 2020, Kids Help Phone has provided over 9.6 million acts of service, with 1,100 young people reaching out to Kids Help Phone each day. 

In partnership with Toys “R” Us and Kids Help Phone, you can help a youth in need, by purchasing this year’s pink shirt. Available for in-store purchase or online, the pink shirt will support Kids Help Phone, and $1 from every sale will go toward supporting a child who is in need of support. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine