As a travel writer, I have certain tricks up my sleeve to make my life easier while on the road. Whether travelling for work or for vacation, these trips usually come with an abundance of photos and videos and to be completely honest, spending too much time in my hotel room getting ready doesn’t sound the most appealing to me–nor does the idea of wearing a full face of makeup to the beach or on a hike. So, to ensure optimal time out exploring, I cheat a bit and create the “au naturel… uh, not-so-much” look before I even get to where I’m going. 

Here’s my pre-trip beauty routine

“Sun” Kissed – Fake Tan 

Although I am part Filipino and part Italian and therefore naturally tanned, I by no means have a natural year-round sun kissed glow. At GoodLife Fitness, included in my membership is tanning. The week prior I typically try to get in a couple of tanning sessions to provide a nice even base tan for wherever I’m headed. 

Wax on, Hair off – Waxing 

Ouch, yes; worth it, no doubt. No pain, no gain, am I right? But really, it’s a few minutes of sting for a weeks worth of not worrying about being mistaken for Chewbaca. The Ten Spot offers waxing above and below the belt, as well as laser services. 

Flirty & Fun Nails – Manicure & Pedicure 

I love the look of clean, neutral nails and tend towards the beiges and more clear coats, pairing it with a little bit of a longer nail. The colour choice, the nail shape and even the type of polish is all personal preference though so have fun with it and do you!

Pearly Whites – Teeth Whitening 

Got to get those pearly whites, well, pearly white. @BrowsByVal is my go-to girl for this. As a dental hygienist, she offers teeth whitening at her in-home office, which is absolutely beautiful and comfortable. The process takes about an hour and honestly, is relaxing. You can answer emails off your phone if you please, or just close your eyes, listen to music, and simply take the time to relax. After the 4 whitening sessions, done within the hour, you’ll be ready to say cheese and smile wide for the camera. 

Flirty Flutters – Eyelash Perms or Extensions

Honestly, the less mascara that I have to clean off my lashes [and ultimately smeared under my eyes and all over my face] the better. Though I am fairly new to the eyelash perm, many of my friends swore by it, and so I had to try it out. For me, a simple lift and tint opened my eyes and left me looking more awake, even before coffee. Once again, thanks @BrowsByVal (honestly, she’s my go to Beauty Guru).  

Though I myself have never gotten eyelash extensions, my friends have and they look absolutely beautiful. For those who don’t have the longest of lashes, which is recommended the perm, then I’d suggest looking into this. 

Packing The Essentials – Dry Shampoo, Headbands, Moisturizer, Aloe Vera

Packing the right things is essential for any trip. Whether getting ready for the beach, a night out, the hikes, a day on the water, or whatever fun exploration we’re doing, I always make sure to have these on hand: 

Hair Products & Accessories: 

  • Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo makes the locks look luscious and fresh, adding a ton of volume! 
  • Headbands are one of my favourite travel accessories. With the possibility of wind, rain, sweat, water and other natural things ruining my hair, throwing on a headband is a simple and effective way to keep your messy do out of your face and still look cute! 
  • Sunglasses are not only fashionable but they are the perfect coverup disguise for when you’re tired.

Skin Products: 

  • Before starting and ending each day, I moisturize my skin with Nivea Soft
  • If I’m headed to a sunny destination, I try to always bring Hawaiian Tropic Aloe Vera to eliminate dry skin and peeling. 
  • Flawless skin? Try a foundation/sunscreen duo. In a travel container, mix a bit of your foundation with some of your suntan lotion for a lot of sun coverage and a little bit of blemish coverage.