Travel to the filming locations of the “After” Films and see where the iconic moments were filmed.

The “After” series is the ultimate romance saga of our generation. The love story of Tessa and Hardin captured the world and continues to entice people to this day. Although it is mostly filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, the series takes the pair all around the world. Make sure to check out the iconic filming locations in the “After” films.

“After We Fell”

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photos, Photo by Desislava Haytova

“After We Fell” was fully filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, it is rich in Ancient Roman history, incredible architecture and it is the perfect site for Eastern European culture. With Bulgaria being the oldest country in Europe, bringing your travels here is definitely an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Rossmore University of Atlanta

Location: Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Emory Unviversity

Image Credit: Candler Library, Photo by @Mpspqr

When Tessa starts her first year of University, her journey takes place at the Rossmore University of Atlanta which is actually filmed at Emory University. Tessa’s life slowly begins to change and she meets the love of her life, Hardin. Emory University is the heart of this storyline. To see where the couple’s love began, visit Emory University!

The Howard House

Location: 229 Howard Street, Atlanta, Georgia

The Howard House

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The Howard House is a beautiful house in Atlanta Georgia and where Hardin lived throughout the films. The house is the perfect getaway and the place to reside during your visit. If you want the full ‘After” experience, stay the night here by booking with 

Coffee Shop

Location: Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, 720 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta

HodgePodge Coffeehouse

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A coffee shop is a great place for any love story, and for Tessa and Hardin the coffee shop on their campus will forever be a special spot for them. Come here with your loved ones or partner and see the charming coffee shop in real life. The entire shop is very vibrant and it is covered with handpainted art throughout. 

Every single filming location unites the love story between Tessa and Hardin. What site are you most eager to visit first?

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