Designing a house to make it a home can be tricky and expensive, and we’re here to help you with the most popular accessories under $90. 

Designers make it look easy to decorate a home, adding some of their favourite pieces to really tie a room together. Well, we’re going to make it easy for you, by finding some of the most popular throws, candles, plants and mugs all under budget. 

Let’s start by finding some throw blankets. A throw blanket is something everyone needs whether placed in the living room or bedroom. Urban Outfitters has the Aden Tufted Throw blanket for $82. This blanket screams bohemian, with a tufted geometric pattern to give the blanket a little more depth. 

If you’re looking for something a little cozier, perhaps for a cute movie night cuddle, Indigo has a Faux-Fur Throw for $80. This cozy blanket comes in an array of colours to match your home. This throw has a double-sided look that goes from cozy to cozier with its faux fur on both sides to keep you warm. 

As the cold is coming with the fall weather, adding some candles not only keeps a room smelling great, but adds to the cozy sanctuary vibes. Urban Outfitters carries the P.F Candle Co. Amber Jar. It is a hand-poured soy candle that comes in over 6 scents. The teakwood + tobacco is perfect for the fall and only costs $24. 

For some people they would rather burn incense instead of a candle, if you think that is you, Hudson’s Bay carries the Province Apothecary Essential Oil Incense in black spruce. This essential oil is to stimulate your mind and invite creativity into your space. You can do all that for $16. 

Now to really make your house into a home, it’s always good to have a great mug set, and of course a plant family. Zara Home carries the Borosilicate glass mug for only $9.90, this clear glass mug fits into any home aesthetic and is picture-perfect for all your coffee’s, lattes, and teas. 

Adding plants to your space has so many health benefits along with making your place a little prettier one plant at a time. Ikea is the go-to place for all cacti needs. You can buy individual ones for $4.99 or grab a three-pack for $14.99.

All these accessories are ways to make your house a home, and although many people just see them as decorations, many of them have beneficial properties to help you live a happier life. 

Blankets and throws help release serotonin and allow the nervous system to relax. Candles and incense can trigger specific responses like creativity, relaxation, meditation, and finally, plants have the best benefits. Cacti have emotional and physical benefits for the human body, including better air quality, better moods, and higher productivity rates. 

Now you know where to shop for all your home sanctuary needs.