Thanks to some sneaky paparazzi photographers, superhero fans got some early peaks at what’s happening in London on the set of the upcoming DC film The Flash. The Andy Muschetti (IT, Mama) directed film is scheduled for a November 4th, 2020 release, and will be the 12th film in the DC extended multiverse. The Flash joins standalone DC films WonderWoman and Aquaman, and will reportedly be used to create a unified superhero universe connecting previous DC films. Although plot details have been kept lowkey, the film is based on Andy Kubert’s Flashpoint comics and sees the Flash travel back in time to save his mother. Until DC Fan Dome in October where the earliest tease is expected to be released, here’s everything we know about The Flash.

Image Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Sasha Calle as Supergirl 

For the first time since the atrocious 1984 film Supergirl that garnered Golden Raspberry nominations, Supergirl gets a feature on the silver screen. Donning the super suit is actress Sasha Calle, who will be the first Latina woman to ever play the role of Superman’s cousin. The leaked photos showed Calle strapped up in a harness outside of the courthouse, presumably filming some flying scenes. The photos also provided a look at her costume for the first time, sporting the iconic red and blue super suit that is synonymous with the caped crusader. 

Image Courtesy of Gamereactor

Silver Haired Micheal Keaton 

Appearing dressed to the nines in a blue tailored suit with a head full of silver hair is none other than Micheal Keaton. The veteran actor is reprising his role of Batman for the first time since the 1980s Tim Burton films, and although Keaton was not wearing a costume director Andy Muschetti confirmed that Keaton will be appearing in his yellow symbol Batsuit from the 80s. Based on the grey hair, Keaton will be playing a present-day version of the 80s Batman, tying into the plot of the flash travelling back in time. 

Image Courtesy of Ellen Cooper

Ezra Miller as The Scarlet Speedster 

Reprising the role of the Flash Aka Barry Allen is Ezra Miller. Set photos showed Miller, who first played the role of the Flash in the 2016 film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, outside the courthouse, talking to reporters. There were also some pictures of Miller wearing the “Flash Ring” that according to the source material conceals his super suit, which we could see incorporated into the film. 

Kiersey Clemons as Iris West 

Starring as Iris West, the romantic love interest of Barry Allen is Kiersey Clemons. Set photos showed Clemons standing alongside Miller outside the courtroom addressing reporters.   

Image Courtesy of ET Canada

The Flash is not the only highly anticipated superhero movie being filmed across the pond. Robert Pattinson and Colin Ferrell are set to do some reshoots for The Batman in Glasgow Scotland this July according to the Daily Record. 2 more weeks of shooting in New York are planned for after Glasgow, then hopefully shooting for the film will be wrapped up. The Batman movie has experienced delays due to the pandemic and is scheduled for a March 2022 release.