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Iconic makeup guru and beauty vlogger, Desi Perkins, just launched a whole new frame to her DEZI eyewear collection and we’re obsessed! CUFFED is a summertime staple accessory that will instantly elevate any look.

HOLR has the inside scoop on the newest launch from the brand, Desi’s thoughts on the new style, and how to get on the waitlist to snag the currently sold-out pair!


About DEZI

Founder Desi Perkins created DEZI based on values of creativity and confidence, as outlined on the brand’s website. A stylish combination of luxury and affordability come together in the brand’s unique product offerings, all of which are specially designed to ensure wearers look and feel their absolute best.




Accessorizing your accessories is the motto!

When designing this new frame, Desi’s inspiration came from how earrings and sunnies add an extra umph of personality to complete any outfit- so, why not combine the two? CUFFED is her most innovative design yet, and it features A-symmetrical piercings on either side of these sunnies that takes ear candy to a whole new level.


Desi Perkins (Middle) chats CUFFED

Chatting with Desi Perkins on the launch

When asked about her inspiration behind the latest launch from the brand, founder Desi Perkins had this to say:

“I love the importance of accessories to an outfit. Two people can be wearing the same outfit but the way they accessorize it can completely change the flavour. It’s almost like you’re cooking right, like if you’re cooking chicken. The way you season that chicken may change the outcome. It may give it a different vibe, or a different essence. That is how I feel about accessories. I was really inspired with this frame with what I like to call ear candy. I see girls have stacked cuffs, and huggies and little studs on their ears and it’s just a display of their personality that adds so much impact but at the same time feels effortless.” 


Shop the style once it’s back in stock

Don’t forget to get on the waitlist by visiting DEZI.co to cop the $100 frame and get CUFFED this summer!

Published by HOLR Magazine.