The USA is celebrating their Independence Day. 

July 4th, 2024 – Cities across the United States of America will be commemorating the 4th of July today. The Summer weather is the perfect excuse for many to be outside to kick off the many Independence celebrations that are happening around the country.

The multi-colorful fireworks will be seen and heard just about everywhere. Barbecues will be fired up, for family, friends, and neighbors to gather and honor the day. 

Kids and adults alike will be enjoying eating traditional foods such burgers, hotdogs, and fries, the familiar fun meals to enjoy outdoors.

Current Conflicts In America

The upcoming election between Former President Donald Trump and President Biden has many political watchers worried.

At the moment the nation seems to be divided between the candidates after last weekend’s debate between the two. Trump seems to be poised to win against Biden after Biden performed below expectations according to political insiders and watchers.

Add to that, the past couple of years have been a trying time for Americans. 

People have been regularly bombarded with the news of civil unrest due to the large influx of migrants and the two major wars still raging on.

The U.S. has been funding Ukraine with billions of dollars in military aid to fight against Russia since 2022, after Russia invaded the neighboring country.

The Israel and Palestine conflict has immensely divided the U.S. Washington continues to  donate millions of dollars in aid to Palestinian civilians during the war with Israel. Hamas attacked Israel late last year killing Israelis, disabling Israel’s intelligence and operational systems. This led Israel to retaliate against Palestine.

USA Celebrates July 4th Independence Day

Why Is July 4th A Holiday?

Today, people will be celebrating American patriotism, life, freedom and liberty. It was in 1776, when the thirteen colonies which were known as the eastern part of the country came together to declare their independence from Britain.

Independence Day Parades

People are dressed in their blue, red and white colors representing the U.S. flag on this fourth of July.

Flags in hand will be proudly waved in celebration as marching bands are out on full display.

The parades are occurring in major cities across the nation today. 

Washington D.C’s holiday event, the National Independence Parade is already underway.

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