Back to Busy: Tips and tricks to stay healthy and balanced as we come out of lockdown with the brands Vitamix and Nespresso.

As we head into the final stretch of the year, many of us are gearing up to tackle the new normal after a long lockdown period. With schools and offices opening up, it can be difficult to fit in a nutritious meal or a quick energy boost while taking care of yourself.  Vitamix and Nespresso are brands that prioritize making life, health, and self-care easier while being cost- and time-effective. Their tools truly help make the transition smoother for Canadians’ early morning rush.

Below are some key ways on how both Nespresso and Vitamix can help Canadians through a busy time:

1.Meal prep with Vitamix’s Ascent Series Blender, the thoughtful wireless technology blender. The Ascent Series is made to fit with the new family of SELF-DETECT® Containers to directly prepare pre-packaged meals, smoothies and spreads for the week ahead.

2. Create exciting barista-style coffee drinks for a quick, tasty energy boost within minutes. Whether it’s simply a straight black espresso with Nespresso Original or a fancy barista creation with Nespresso Vertuo, Nespresso offers infinite possibilities to achieve a moment of balance within minutes.

3. Think environmentally friendly after enjoying Nespresso capsules with their easy recycling solutions. With two simple steps, anyone can save time and the environment by dropping used capsules in their nearest neighbourhood Canada Post mailbox.

4. Lastly, Vitamix supports self-care and the planet with their compact food recycling product, FoodCycler, an easy way to enrich and transform food scraps into fertilizer and reduces a family’s food waste. Ease back into the busy season to stay mindful, balanced and health-conscious while saving time and money with these great brands!

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Published by HOLR Magazine.