These are unprecedented times we are living in; as the year progresses, a series of pivotal events have shown to define what may be the beginning of a new chapter in our society’s journey to equal rights. Over the past two weeks, we have witnessed the mass recognition of a pandemic that has been present long before the Coronavirus, racism. Through the likes of social media and several other outlets, we have seen an outpour of love and support for a community whose need for justice is long overdue. As the movement against racism continues, there are several critical roles we can all partake in to ensure that we play a sustainable role in uplifting and supporting black communities. 

Every time you make a purchase, you are voting with your dollar. No matter how big or small, your purchases demonstrate who you support. When you support black-owned businesses, you choose to support the communities of these individuals. As consumers, we are responsible for putting a stop to the systemic racism put in place by major institutions. Supporting black-owned businesses uplifts the affected communities and celebrates the diversity that invigorates Toronto. When you decide to support marginalized communities by voting with your dollar, the effects can be instrumental in breaking the systemic racism pattern. The following is a list of black-owned businesses you can support, that are Canadian-GTA based. 

Black-Owned Beauty Businesses 

  1. MFMG Cosmetics 

Shop at: Instagram: @mfmgcosmetics 

  1. Tribal Eye 

Shop at: Instagram: @tribaleyetoronto 

  1. All-Star Beuty Complex 

Shop at: Instagram: @allstarbeautyca 

  1. The Green Jar 

Shop at: Instagram: @thegreenjarshop 

  1. Lala Skin Essentials 

Shop at: Instagram: @lalaskinessentials 

  1. Mama’s Life Products 

Shop at: Instagram: @mamaslifeproducts 

  1. Paba Cosmetics 

Shop at: Instagram: @pabacosmetics 

  1. Beauty By Dom 

Shop at: Instagram: @beautybyydom 

  1. London Ivy Products 

Shop at: Instagram: @londonivyproducts 

  1. Essentials By Temi 

Shop at: Instagram: @essentialsbytemi 

Black-Owned Retail Businesses 

  1. AWAV Shop at: 

Instagram: @awavlifestyle 


Shop at: Instagram: @drtybttr 3. Exclucity Shop at: 

Instagram: @exclucity 

  1. Clarendon Trading Company 

Shop at: Instagram: @claredonco 

  1. Kaela Kay Shop at: 

Instagram: @kaelakayonline 

  1. Get Fresh Company 

Shop at: 

Instagram: @getfreshcompany 

  1. Adrift 

Shop at: Instagram: @adriftshop

          8. TAKEUPSPACE 

Shop at: Instagram: @shoptakeupspace 

  1. SnapBack Tiara 

Shop at: Instagram: @snapbacktiara 

  1. Blue 

Shop at: Instagram: @mycoatisblue 

Black-Owned Restaurants & Food Products 

  1. Ital Vital Location: Scarborough 

Website: Instagram: @italvital.rasta 

  1. Veggie D’Light 

Location: Kensington Market Website: Instagram: @chefpeterveggiedlight 

  1. Nerpy’s Location(s): 

Website: Instagram: @nerpysinc 

  1. Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant 

Location: Danforth (Greenwood & Coxwell) Website: 

  1. Xawaash Location: Etobicoke 

Website: Instagram: @xawaash 

  1. Albert’s Real Jamaican Foods 

Location: St. Clair & Bathurst Website: 

  1. Kaspace Cafe 

Location: Queen East Website: Instagram: @kaspace_cafe 

  1. Beach Hill Smokehouse 

Location: Gerrard East Website: Instagram: @beachhillbq 

  1. True True Diner 

Location: King East Website: Instagram: @truetruediner 

  1. Roux 

Location: Dundas West Website: Instagram: @rouxtoronto 

If you are interested in receiving further education on the issue at hand, the following links will direct you to sites that can expand your understanding of the severity of the issue. 

Grass Roots Law Project: 

Black Lives Matter: 

Defending Black Lives:

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