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Wendy Williams

Photo Credit: Dario Alequin for The US Sun

Recently, people were concerned for Wendy Williams’ health, as a source informed The Sun that Williams had been hospitalized several times in the past weeks. According to the insider, the host “first went into the hospital about two weeks ago. She was released briefly last weekend, and she went right back in.”

However, Shawn Zanotti, a representative of Williams, told PageSix on Saturday that Wendy is not currently hospitalized. “I can confirm that Wendy Williams is not in the hospital, as reported. I can also confirm she is not in New York, as reported,” Zanotti said. Although the statement confirmed Wendy is neither hospitalized nor in New York, PageSix adds that her whereabouts are unknown.

Latest on Wendy Williams

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Earlier this week, news outlets announced that Williams has dropped out of a public appearance at Atlanta Women’s Expo, The Sun informs. According to the source, the event has been canceled due to her family and friends concerns regarding Wendy’s well-being.

“There is a video from Wendy that will be played Saturday, apologizing for the late cancellation,” a spokesperson of Expo told the outlet.

“There have been questions about if Wendy was well enough to do it, and there was pushing by some to get her to Atlanta and to put her on that stage. Wendy’s ability to perform has been rocky at best. She can put together a sentence one day but not the next. There have been serious questions recently about if she will ever get better,” a source mentioned, as noted here.

Wendy Williams Net Worth

As of May 12, 2023, Wendy Williams’ net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.

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