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Turkey teeth are the most recent fad in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Although at first the image of a peculiar and repulsive bird may come to mind, the word “Turkey” refers, in fact, to the nation of Turkey, which is by far the most common location in the world for people to go to get this surgery done because of how cheap & effective it is. But we’ve all seen the photographs of Instagram influencers with their teeth all crushed down before the crowns are placed. Can you really blame us for thinking about the bird, even though we’ve seen those pictures?

This new interpretation of “Turkey Teeth” is typically used ironically. Thus, the acquired teeth are highlighted for their artificiality, for which patients gave up their natural teeth. Because of the viral nature of TikTok and YouTube, the Turkey Teeth craze has exploded in popularity. This Social Media Phenomenon Turkey Teeth has inspired a lot of influencers toward this trend.

To make room for dental crowns or veneers, dentists sometimes file down otherwise healthy teeth in a practice known as “turkey teeth.” This ends in giving the patient brilliantly white, precisely square teeth. Grinding healthy teeth excessively and incorrectly might cause issues, side effects, increased sensitivity, and persistent pain, but this refers to an operation that did not proceed as planned. Because of the painful process, it involves.

What exactly are Turkey Teeth, then?

The process of acquiring Turkey Teeth involves grinding your teeth down into small nubs and then installing custom crowns on top of them. This is essentially a speeded-up version of the more traditional method of getting aesthetic tooth crowns. However, these go much farther; the overall aesthetic of this trend in teeth is that they should be completely square, perfectly symmetrical, and pure white. Many influential people and now even more of their followers are travelling to Turkey in search of these crowns.

And this whole thing isn’t just about aesthetics; after all, you can obtain a complete set of custom cosmetic crowns right here in the United States. This whole thing isn’t just about appearances. Pretty almost everywhere in Europe and Canada, and also in the United States. However, in the majority of countries, a full set of crowns can cost up to 25,000 United States dollars. However, in Turkey, you can have it done for as little as 1,500 United States dollars, and there are no qualifications – everyone can hop on a plane and receive these gorgeous pearly whites.

Are Turkey Teeth Morally Acceptable?

If you’re thinking that this offer is too good to be true, then you’re right. There is a good reason why a dentist in the United Kingdom would sneer at the concept of replacing all of a 25-year-old patient’s teeth with crowns simply for the purpose of making them whiter: it is unethical, at best. Because a significant portion of the tooth must be removed in order to make room for a crown, the procedure cannot be undone. In addition, prior to carrying out such an invasive treatment on the mouth, 3D scans and comprehensive evaluations need to be undertaken. However, due to the widespread popularity of the Turkey Teeth trend, these essential preventative precautions are sometimes disregarded.

If you were to go to an oral surgeon in the United States and express discontent with the shade and symmetry of your smile, the oral surgeon would provide a treatment plan that incorporates the least intrusive tooth restoration treatments that are possible. If it were absolutely required, I would get my teeth whitened by a professional, get a few veneers, and possibly even a crown or two. However, if you take a quick flight to Turkey, they will complete the task for one-tenth of the fee and without any more questions.

Is It Safe to Proceed with This Crown and Denture Procedure?

People do return home with a picture-perfect smile, fond recollections of their time spent in a stunning nation, and an increased sense of self-assurance when this operation is successful for them. However, there is a sizeable population that is confronted with life-altering issues as a direct result of the crowning operation they had. It’s time to face reality. According to tourists, DentaTur give you the best price check prices of dentist in Turkey for saving a great deal of money.

The crowning of a tooth to restore its beauty is not the issue at hand; the issue at hand is the entire mouth, and individuals are having it done at an increasingly younger age, without any real knowledge of the long-term hazards or the costs of replacement. Oral surgeons typically file a tooth down to roughly 70 percent of its natural size before installing a cosmetic crown on it. This allows the crown to fit properly. This indicates that all of the tooth’s enamel as well as the majority of the dentin has been removed, leaving only the dentin as the sole barrier between the inner tooth pulp and the surrounding air.

When things are done properly, there is usually little need for concern. The problem, however, is that a number of these so-called “oral surgeons” are merely cashing in on the trend in an effort to amass the greatest amount of financial gain possible. Patients have been known to seek veneers at dental clinics, only to find out that the irreversible operation was performed on them without their prior consent in some instances. There have also been instances in which unethical dentists have caused unnecessary damage to all of the teeth, which has resulted in almost instantaneous and unrelenting agony that makes it difficult to speak, smile, or eat food.

The Dark Side:

  • It’s possible that some dishonest people will take advantage of the growing popularity of dental tourism in Turkey for their own financial gain ignoring the proper dental care guidelines.
  • Patients have been known to undergo irreversible operations such as veneers without their prior knowledge in some cases, which has led to reports of patient abuse.
  • Dentists that lack ethical standards may cause unnecessary damage to patients’ teeth, which can result in significant discomfort and problems with the teeth’s function.
  • Patients may experience discomfort during the surgery itself, as it can be uncomfortable. – Tooth loss, abscesses, and infections are common hazards connected with dental procedures like Turkey Teeth.
  • In the event of complications, additional treatments may be necessary. These may include root canal therapy, dental implants, or single-tooth bridges.
  • Within a year of receiving dental operations in Turkey, a number of patients have reported having ongoing discomfort as well as infections in their mouths


Therefore, the answer to the question of whether or not this trend is safe is essentially dependent on the irresponsibility of consumers and the indifference of professionals for patients’ long-term oral health. Why not just have a few veneers if you don’t like the way your smile looks if you don’t like the way it looks? This is another consideration. It is a lot less invasive, and your teeth will still have enamel even after it has been done to them. Or you might opt for bonding, which involves adding material to your teeth in order to fix any small cracks. The little discoloration of your teeth is not an emergency; you do not need to take emergency action. In the end, all you will achieve is a momentary improvement in your appearance, but in the long run, you will suffer from dental pain and health problems.

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