It appears that Americans are quite obsessed with the color of their teeth. The $11 billion in 2015, spending on teeth whitening products by Americans supports this statement. The vast teeth whitening expenditure consisted of a significant $1.4 billion on home teeth whitening solutions and products. The industry’s considerable size has ensured that you are spoilt for choice while choosing teeth whitening products. One thing you need to ascertain while taking your pick among them is whether the product uses chemicals for teeth bleaching, which serves to make your teeth whiter. No need to worry; however, there are plenty of options to make your teeth whiter that don’t contain chemicals and are safe and natural. Some such DIY options, including chemical-based solutions, are as follows:

Teeth Whitening Kits With Hydrogen Peroxide

Such kits consist of a whitening agent, usually hydrogen peroxide, which is exceptionally useful for whitening teeth. This particular chemical penetrates the enamel and helps it to get rid of unwanted stains. Don’t

raise a red flag to hydrogen peroxide as it is a chemical. Keep in mind that besides being safe, it is also widely used by dentists themselves. The better teeth whitening kits out there will give you fast, almost immediate results right at home teeth whitening. You will be able to see the results of using the kit in a matter of mere minutes. While you are shopping for such kits, look for ones that come with the blue spectrum’s LED lights. These serve to activate the peroxide chemical, which makes the results appear fast. However, peroxide may increase your teeth’ sensitivity. You might damage your teeth if you use it for the long term or if your teeth are already sensitive.

Change Your Diet

It is conducive not to eat foods that can cause marks on your teeth to prevent further staining of your teeth. Several kinds of beverages and many foods consist of tannin, which can potentially result in teeth staining. Such foods and drinks include:

  • Tea
  • Wine
  • Dark sodas
  • Coffee and
  • Juices

Further, acidic foods work to wear down teeth enamel, resulting in yellow teeth. Accordingly, if you are serious about keeping your teeth white, you need to practice moderation while consuming things like coffee, citrus, and soda. Another alternative is to brush your teeth after you intake any such foods and beverages if this is not possible. But in this too, discretion is advised as too much brushing can damage the enamel also. Another good practice is to quit smoking or other tobacco products if you want to avoid nicotine stains.

Consider Oil Pulling

The term oil pulling refers to the practice of washing your mouth with oil. Oil pulling aims to get your mouth rid of all bacteria, dirt, and debris accumulated. Remember that oil pulling is an alternative to regularly flossing or brushing your teeth. But according to research, you may make your teeth whiter by washing your mouth with particular types of oils. As per the ADA or the American Dental Association, oil pulling forms a part of unconventional dentistry. According to them, there is insufficient medical evidence to prove their use in reducing cavities and maintaining oral health. The effectiveness of oil pulling in teeth whitening similarly is yet to be conclusively proved. Still, many people vouch for its efficacy in the same. The following types of oils are suitable for oil pulling:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Sesame oil

If you want to use this method, start by rinsing your mouth with oil for about 60 seconds once you have finished brushing and then spit it out of your mouth.

Brush Your Teeth With Baking Soda

One of the great uses of using baking soda while brushing your teeth is that it works to polish teeth stains gently. There is a general misconception among certain people that baking soda might be too harsh for your tooth enamel and might wear it away. But a 2017 research revealed that it is not true and baking soda is safe for use. Further, baking soda has antibacterial properties and works to minimize plaque and keep tooth decay at bay.

Using Fruits To Make Your Teeth Whiter

Certain fruits contain enzymes that help in teeth whitening, including papaya and pineapple that works to ensure that your teeth remain white. They have the enzymes bromelain and papain. These work to keep your teeth white. It is not a mere claim or testimony. It is backed by the preliminary findings of a study that suggested that they offer moderate amounts of teeth whitening effects. Further studies are in order before we can say anything with surety.

Naturally, white teeth are rare gifts due to the yellowing of the same taking place and aging. But you can still hope to have white and bright teeth with the DIY tips mentioned in this article. For best results, try out teeth whitening methods while avoiding foods, beverages, and substances that make it yellow. Congratulations on your new fabulous, sparkling smile!