What Do Henry Cavill Blind Items Say

Actor Henry Cavill is trending on Tik Tok due to blind items discussing his preference for barely legal women and co-stars. Kyle Marissa Roth on Tik Tok has been posting a series on Henry Cavill rumours, diving deep into some of the blind items that have been submitted about him over the years. The submissions have painted him in a negative light; with claims such as his alleged relationships with former, much younger costars, as well as his alleged extracurricular activities with “horizontal professionals” as Kyle refers to them. 


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Henry Cavill Millie Bobby Brown 

Some of the blind items have stated that Henry Cavill was pursuing Millie Bobby Brown when they were filming Enola Holmes and the actress was just sixteen years old. Millie has previously spoken about their relationship on set saying, her “Adult Relationship” With Henry Cavill Has “Strict Boundaries” adding jokingly that she’s like a brother to him. Another blind item from the same time claims that while pursuing Millie Bobby Brown, Henry was in a discreet relationship with The Witcher costar Freya Allen who started filming The Witcher when she had turned seventeen years old.


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The age of consent in England is 16 years old but although his alleged relationship with Freya has never been confirmed, people started speculating about this after an interview of them surfaced where Henry adoringly looks at Freya multiple times. Some of the blind items dove deeper into this alleged relationship, stating that Henry would pit Freya against Millie in a sense as a form of controlling her. While these allegations are disturbing given that Henry was in his mid-thirties while filming both, it is important to note that anyone can submit blind items online without verification.


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Some of the posts also allude to the fact that Henry and Millie Bobby Brown did date and that when they were together he was allegedly super possessive and hired someone to follow her around all the time to know what she was doing. In this blind item, it states that Millie had just turned 18.

Henry Cavill Sea Cucumber Explained 

Another trending term that has been a recurring theme in the Kyle Marissa Roth blind items, is the word “Sea Cucumber.” Kyle states multiple times that “Henry Cavill treats his women like they are Sea Cucumbers”. In one of the blind items she explains that Sea Cucumber refers to men who prefer to “enter through the back door” of a woman. 


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Henry Cavill Natalie Viscuso 

In part 22 of the Henry Cavill blind items revealed on Kyle’s account, she reads that Henry Cavill’s girlfriend Natalie Viscuso sends him private photos, which she thinks are for his eyes only but he has allegedly been sharing them with friends. Other blind items submitted have claimed that his PR team is responsible for his public relationships with women closer to his age like Natalie who is thirty-four-years-old to protect his public image. One of the blind items also claims that he would send private photos of his ex-girlfriend Gina Carano to friends as well. They also allege that his relationship with actress Kaley Cuoco was another PR relationship and Kyle states that PR relationships are more common in Hollywood than we think.

Henry Cavill Blind Items Revealed 

One of the common threads in all of these blind items on Henry Cavill is that he has always pursued younger women. From the public relationship he was in with a 19-year-old student Tara King when he was thirty-three-years-old to him allegedly being caught on gaming platforms where there was video and there were young topless girls in the background as well as travelling to countries with fewer regulations for “horizontal professionals.” The Henry Cavill blind items also claim that Henry has had some problematic behaviour on set and that coupled with some of these other rumours have been contributing factors to him no longer starring as Superman or in The Witcher. 

None of these blind items have been verified, however, the sheer number of submissions over the years has raised concern among the people watching this series on Tik Tok. Henry Cavill’s team has not addressed anything that has been discussed online in regard to these blind items. The internet can be a tumultuous place and as there has been no verification for any of these rumours from the parties allegedly involved, it is important to remember that blind items are anonymous submissions that should not be read as fact until confirmed. 

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