What Episode Does Jimmy See Jessica Love Is Blind

The sixth season of Love is Blind has premiered on Netflix and viewers can’t get enough of the couples trying to build their relationships to potentially tie the knot at the end of the 4 weeks. One couple in particular that has captured viewers attention are Jimmy and Chelsea. At the start of the season before meeting each other Jimmy and Chelsea were in a love triangle with Jessica. While Jimmy built a connection with Jessica, after learning that she has a ten-year-old child Jimmy was a little taken aback and ultimately felt that his connection was stronger with Chelsea. Now fans are eagerly awaiting to see Jimmy’s reaction to meeting Jessica.

Jimmy seeing Jessica on Love Is Blind

Jimmy Reaction to Jessica

So far Netflix has teased that the two will meet in person and it appears that Jimmy sees Jessica on the 10th episode of Love Is Blind, which will air next Wednesday February 28th. In a still from the show, the two can be seen interacting but that is all we have received about their meeting so far. In a preview clip, Chelsea can also be seen accusing Jimmy of sleeping with someone else but it is still unclear if Chelsea is talking about Jessica or someone else. This clip will also air in a future episode and presumably during the batch of episodes released next Wednesday.

Jimmy Seeing Jessica On Love Is Blind

Prior to meeting Jessica in person on episode 10 of Love is Blind, Jimmy does admit to Chelsea that he saw a photo of Jessica. In a clip from the show, Chelsea confronts him about this and he claims that one of the other guys showed it to him and said that Jessica looks like a Kardashian. So far, we have not seen Jimmy’s live reaction to seeing the photo of Jessica so we will have to tune in next week to see if Jimmy’s jaw does drop to the floor when he meets her in person.

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