Are Chrishell and Amanza from Selling Sunset still friends? HOLR is breaking down their alleged “feud” and what happened to the real estate cast mates. 

Caution: Spoiler alerts for Selling Sunset Season 6 Ahead!

According to this TikTok posted by user @realitytvgold1, the friendship between Selling Sunset castmates Chrishell and Amanza is “100% over.” Check out their latest social media comments exposing the alleged feud.


Amanza & Chrishells friendship is 100% OVER 😱 Oh dear 🫣 #chrishellstause #sellingsunsetnetflix #netflix #amanza #sellingsunset #theoppenheimgroup #dram

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According to the above TikTok, in one message, it seems like a fan tells Amanza to not let her friendship with Nicole get in the. way of her friendship with Chrishell to which Amanza seemingly replies, “My friendship with Nicole has nothing to do with my ending my friendship with [Terrina] Stause.” Ouch, calling Chrishell by her real name.

Apparently, Amanza blocked Chrishell as well, in which a fan states “It shouldn’t;t be that serious for you to blindside her like that. [You] guys were so close.” To which Amanza states “Oh honey if you only knew lol you’ll see.”

selling sunset chrishell and amanza

Image Credit: @chrishell.stause Instagram

In another social media thread shown in the TikTok video, Amanza alleges that this friendship ending is not a “small issue for me and it is a very serious subject that has affected me and my family.” She doesn’t state what the issue is but we could speculate that it might have something to do with the drug comments Chrishell accused Nicole of in Season 6. During this season, Amanza said this topic hit close to home so maybe that incident has something to do with it.

In additional screenshots taken of Chrishell’s supposed response to the social media back and forth, she states that “Regardless of what she says there will be no Amanza slander from me. The show convolutes real life [and] time will show I am not her enemy and never will be.” However, Amanza seemingly squashes these claims by stating that she is “not friends with her in person anymore. I blocked her because the side of her face triggers me and I don’t like to be triggered.”

When another fan asks if Christine was right all along and if Chrishell really is fake, Amanza seems to allegedly agree.

What do you think of this alleged feud between the two cast mates? We may find out more about what happened in the next season.

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