Did Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey break up? HOLR is breaking down the alleged news.

According to this TikTok from user @realityashley, it seems as though the two may have broken up recently. Check it out below:


Do you think Harry is trying to get on Perfect Match 2? they dont follow each other anymore…#loveisblindreunion #loveisblind #netflix #toohottoohandle #harryjowsey #perfectmatch

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According to the TikTok video, Harry was being “thirsty” in the Love is Blind reunion comment section.  Users also took to the comments to share their thoughts.

georgia and harry

Image Credit: @realityashley TiktTok

People seemingly have noticed that the duo were not seen at Coachella together and have reportedly unfollowed one another on social media.

Georgia Hassarati and Harry

As previously reported here, the pair got together in June 2022 but broke up shortly after. They seemingly got back together this year but it now looks like the two have called it quits once again.

Are Harry and Georgia Hassarati Still Together?

From the looks of it, the two allegedly broke up. Georgia was recently seen at Coachella here without Harry, and according to the TikTok video above, the pair are no longer following one another on social media.


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A post shared by Georgia Hassarati (@georgiahassarati)

Some people also think that Harry is filming for Netflix’s Perfect Match Season 2. Georgia was previously featured on the first season of Perfect Match, which she won alongside Dom Gabriel.

In a shocking new update, this TikTok from user @alexandrabellusci details recent social media posts from both Georgia and Harry that definitely hint at the two being broken up. Check it out below.


Harry and Mads Lewis‼️ #harryjowsey #madslewis #blakegray #indiana #influencer #tiktoker #fyp #popculture #tanamongeau #couples

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Who is Georgia Dating?

As of right now, we can’t be certain who Georgia is currently with. It looks like Harry and Georgia have called their relationship quits but Georgia has not been spotted with anyone else recently.  Harry has reportedly been spotted posting Mads Lewis.

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