Farah El Kadhi dead at 36. What happened to the beauty influencer?

June 20, 2024– According to this related article, Tunisian influencer, Farah El Kadhi reportedly passed away this past week.

Beauty Influencer Heart Attack

It is unclear what exactly happened,d but it is believed that she suffered a heart attack while on board a yacht in Malta- where she was supposedly vacationing. She was only 36 years old. This other article alleges that she was only going to be in Malta for a week.

Apparently, an autopsy will be carried out. As well, a magisterial inquiry has been opened which will help determine the official cause of death in this incident, as noted here.

The self-proclaimed “travel addict” – as listed in her Instagram bio- can be seen in multiple locations through the series of photos posted on her social media.

She also owned Bazar by faf, which is a fashion company.

Farah El Kadhi’s tragic death gives us a reminder of how precious life can be. People have seemingly taken to social media to share their condolences regarding Farah El Kadhi’s sudden passing.

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