What Happened To Georgia and Dom? Perfect Match Drama Explained

There has been a lot of back-and-forth drama between Perfect Match Georgia Hassarati and Dom  Gabriel. Since the last episodes of Perfect Match were released on Netflix on Tuesday, we learned that Dom and Georgia were the winners and deemed the Perfect Match at the end. However, things soon took a turn, with the pair parting ways shortly after.

Since the show aired, Dom and Francesca became friends, and he revealed that he’s close with her boyfriend Jesse Sulli now too. So Francesca has been central to the online war of words between Dom and Georgia too. Both Francesca Farago and Dom have been saying that he found out that Georgia was no longer with him after a Podcast was revealed

Dom Georgia Feud

titled, “Georgia Hassratti and Harry Jowsey Fell in Love!” Listen to the Georgia and Harry Fall in love podcast here.

Dom claimed that he and Georgia were staying in a hotel room together when she went to do the podcast. He alleges that he saw the Podcast title, and following that, she never returned to the hotel room. Whereas, Georgia’s side of the story offers more details and shows that Francesca and Dom are trying to bad mouth her in a joint effort to take the heated attention off themselves. After viewing all the interviews, it seems as though Francesca is mainly driving this possible false narrative and perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Georgia is dating Francesca’s ex Harry Jowsey.

Georgia Hassarati Instagram

Georgia and Dom Drama Addressed

An hour ago, Georgia Hassarati addressed all of the things that have been said about her and her breakup with Dom on her Instagram stories. Georgia expresses that she is deeply hurt and upset by the false narrative and the attention it has received and is taking a toll on her mental health. She explains that she had no control over the title of that Podcast and that the day it was released, she got back to the hotel before Dom because he was out for dinner with Ines from Perfect Match. Which he failed to mention in all of his retelling of the story. Georgia points out that he also failed to mention that he and Ines are dating now.

Dom has since responded to Georgia’s stories with screenshots of text messages between the two that show his perspective on everything that happened. Dom has also said that he is very single right now so him and Ines are not together.

Hear more about Georgia’s side of the story on the Viall Files next week.

What happened to Georgia and Dom

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