Diamonds, one of the most sought-after gemstones, have been used for decorative purposes for as long as we can remember. They have a characteristic sparkle that makes them ideal for jewelry. And while diamonds have been around that long, it was not until the 15th century that they entered the wedding scene in the form of engagement rings – a widespread practice documented in European aristocracies. Up until the 18th century, rubies and sapphires were more popular gemstones than diamonds.

Ancient Rome and Egypt used diamond bands as a symbol of everlasting love. And the band was meant to symbolize eternity and continuity of love’s renewal. Men offered diamond rings and bands to partners to showcase their lifelong devotion. But the love for diamonds amongst the womenfolk could be traced back to the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe composed “Diamonds are girls’ best friend.” 

Fast forward to today, virtually all women would appreciate a piece of diamond jewelry to complement eternal love and devotion to their partners. And while that seems understated, let’s look into why diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds symbolize love

Diamonds are often tagged as a ‘girl’s friend’ because they symbolize everlasting love. It all started in Austria when Archduke Maximilian wedded Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring in 1477. It was the first documented time when a diamond ring, aside from being a decorative item, was used to symbolize love in a wedding coronation. Fast forward to today, diamond has probably become part of a girl’s engagement piece of jewelry, including the full band diamond eternity rings that officially entered the wedding arena in the 18th century. Today’s design of the eternity ring took form from as early as the 18th century when it was used alongside other precious metals such as gold as a wedding band.

Past generations adored all forms of precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, gold, and brass because of their relative availability at the time. But in the 1930s, the extraction diamond, coupled with its sparkling fire properties, made diamond mainstream, not only because of its uniqueness but because true love had become a rarity.

Diamonds hold memories

Contrary to popular opinion, girls don’t simply accumulate diamonds to have them look pretty on them or in their jewelry cabin. There is more to it – memories. A woman would accumulate diamond pieces of jewelry to wear them and as well become part and parcel of the legacy she wants to leave behind. And what better heirlooms to offer your kids than valuable pieces of diamonds?

Most people focus on real estate properties and money in the bank accounts as part of the valuables their kids inherit. Others, on the other hand, keep their wealth invaluable assets such as diamonds and other precious metals such as gold. Such gemstones not only serve as cash reserves for the heir but also doubles up as wonderful reminders of the legacy a woman lived.

Diamonds last forever

When men give engagement rings to their fiancés, it is a bold statement of one’s devotion and a commitment to eternal love. A woman may end up wearing that eternity ring until she dies. And when you ask a random girl for the best gift they have ever had in their lifetime; your best bet would be a diamond they got from their fiancé. That’s so because, with diamonds, you can never go wrong while marking an occasion for your mum, girlfriend, daughter, or wife.

Diamonds stand as a good investment

When it comes to precious stones and metals, diamonds are often overlooked as a form of investment. Instead, more attention goes to gold. However, diamonds are one of the most secure forms of investment, second only to gold. 

Its crisis-proof ability, coupled with the rarity in its availability, makes diamonds an enormous cash reserve you can take advantage of during tough financial times. Aside from the extra spark diamonds give women, they make them feel financially secure.

The bottom line

Diamonds, since ancient times, have been used to symbolize devotion and commitment to relationships. From ancient Egypt and Rome to Mary of Burgundy of Austria, diamonds have been a mainstay of a woman’s jewelry box since then. Their form has gone through changes from ancient gemstone bands to the most recent styles of engagement rings, wedding rings, and diamond eternity rings. The three above can be worn together and on the same finger. The diamond eternity ring, for instance, is mostly given on milestones such as anniversaries, but regardless, you can decorate it on any finger of your liking.