Fans are confused by Ryan Gosling’s face after new images of the star started circulating online.

Ryan Gosling Face

According to this TikTok video posted by user @gileslays, Ryan Gosling’s face has caused quite a stir online recently.


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Ryan Gosling Barbie

The TikToker jokes, “Now I know the role of Ken was a plastic doll,” referencing Gosling’s character in the Barbie Movie, “But I think the method acting went too far.” The TikToker also captioned the post, “Oh.”

Method Acting Meaning

Method acting refers to when an actor “fully inhabits” the role of their character, as noted here. In this instance, Gosling’s face being compared to that of a plastic doll, which he played in the Barbie Movie, is seemingly being referenced in the TikToker’s comments.

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery

There have been rumors circulating online that Gosling got plastic surgery. but there is no evidence to support these claims. It has also been alleged that he may have gotten filler in his face, but, again, nothing has been confirmed and this is all speculation.

These images of Gosling have caused controversy online, in which people have taken to the comment section of the above video to leave their jokes, speculations, and opinions on Gosling’s appearance lately.

Again, nothing has been confirmed regarding Gosling’s appearance. The above claims are simply rumors.

What are your thoughts on Gosling’s face- do you think he has undergone plastic surgery or fillers to alter or enhance his appearance? 

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Image Credits via @giletslays TikTok

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