Barbie Is Now Warner Brothers’ Highest Grossing Film Of All Time!

The Barbie's, in pink jumpsuits, celebrating in the courthouse. Issa Rae is showcased as President Barbie

Credit: Warner Brothers

Record Breaking Movie

‘Barbie’ has broken numerous records; like the highest grossing film by a female director (Greta Gerwig), the highest grossing film of 2023, the highest opening for a non-sequel, biggest opening for a film without IMAX, biggest opening weekend for a Warner Bros. film, but now it has added a new title to its collection.

‘Barbie’ is now Warner Bros.’ highest grossing film of all time (domestically)! The movie that previously held the title is ‘The Dark Knight’ which was directed by Oscar winner Christopher Nolan and acquired eight Oscar nominations and two wins.

What makes this unique is that ‘The Dark Knight’ is a film that mainly speaks to a ‘traditionally male’ audience, and ‘Barbie’ is considered a feminist film; which, more or less, is the opposite of what a ‘traditionally male’ audience would be interested in.

Margot Robbie as the first 'Barbie' standing over a desert as a reference to 2001 Space Odyssey

Credit: Warner Bros.

Female Films

Normally films that make it into ‘the billion dollar club’, like ‘Avengers: End Game’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, have a majority male demographic leading the ticket sales, but this isn’t the case with ‘Barbie’. ‘Barbie’s audience demographic was 65% female and 35% male, yet it still has made over a billion dollars, and counting.

This just shows the power of the female dollar. That ‘men’s movies’ are not the only ones that can be financially successful. Women are an underserved and underrepresented audience in the film industry, and ‘Barbie‘ has revealed that ‘female centric’ films are an opportunity for serious revenue. So, hopefully this has convinced more studios to invest in projects like ‘Barbie’.

Published by HOLR Magazine