Dismembered human remains found in a river reportedly belong to 38-year-old Sarah Mayhew. 

HOLR breaks down the shocking story and what we know so far.

Dog Walker Finds Human Bones

As noted here, a dog being walked by a dog walker first discovered a human bone belonging to Mayhew during a walk recently. The rest of Mayhew’s body was discovered soon after human remains were found in the river by contractors, and police were called.

It is alleged that some body parts are still missing, as police are reportedly still searching for Mayhew’s torso. Mayhew was last seen in Sutton, south-west London, on March 8, 2024.

What happened to Sarah Mayhew 

It is believed that Mayhew was killed by a couple- Gemma Watts, 48, and Steven Sansom, 45, – who reportedly unalived the victim at a residential property. Then, it is believed that Mayhew’s body was dismembered with power tools before being disposed of at the park and subsequently in the river. It is believed that the couple and victim knew each other.

The couple has been charged with murder and preventing her lawful and decent burial, as mentioned here.
The cause of Mayhew’s death has not yet been revealed.

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Image Credits: Metropolitan Police

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