Instacart is being called out after it was revealed that the brand went viral in  

Instacart TikTok Drama

July 2, 2024– According to this TikTok video posted by user @reyahthelastdragon, Instacart is going viral after the brand was called out by a customer whose items ordered were seemingly not delivered- and she subsequently had some drama with the Instacart employee and brand.


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Hannah Instacart

As the TikToker explains, Hannah- an Instacart customer- used the app to order some items for her children as she and her family were on vacation. She claims to have ordered the majority of items for her children and one beauty item for herself. The most important item on her list was a pack n’ play for her child as they needed somewhere for the baby to sleep.

Check out the viral video in this TikTok Hannah posted- which now has over 25 million views to date.


Pls help me find this woman and never use @Instacart again ???????????? #momtok #momfail #momlife #helpme

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In the video, Hannah claims that the Instacart employee- Mikayala- got the items but refunded the pack n’ play. When questioned why she did so, Mikayla alleged that it was because the pack n’ play box was apparently damaged so she couldn’t scan it.

Hannah asks her if she can ask an employee at the store for help as she needs the pack n’ play but Mikayla seemingly gets defensive and states that she can give Hannah the receipts- she didn’t steal anything. Hannah thinks this answer is weird as she didn’t accuse her of anything.

Hannah then gets a notification that her items were delivered at 7:52 and since she got home shortly after, at 8, she was expecting to see the items at her doorstep- but nothing was there.

She immediately called Instacart and the brand told her that they got in touch with Mikayla who reportedly left the items at a “black and white building” which is not Hannah’s building. Hannah then gets transferred to a “missing items” person who states that they can’t get in touch with Mikayla.

This infuriates Hannah but the brand tells her that they will issue Hannah a refund which will arrive in 5-7 days.

Hannah also points out that her total order was $138 but her card was reportedly charged $290 which is strange.

Instacart Mikayla

The algorithm on TikTok clearly went to work following this alleged scandal and found the Instacart employee, Mikayla. Mikayla supposedly posted a video response to Hannah in which she shows screenshots of the final Instacart receipt order fulfilled at Target in which her receipt says $98.11. It does not include the pack n’ play.

Mikayla also provided proof she talked to customer support- they called her and she chatted with them on the app, proving proof that she dropped the package off at a blue and white house- not a black and white house.

Mikayla also took a picture of said house. Mikayla is reportedly “sick of being harassed” as explained in @reyahthelastdragon’s synopsis of the alleged scandal.

After Mikayla’s response went viral, Hannah posted updates in which she states that she did not condone hate or harassment towards Mikayla and only asked Mikayla to tell her what house she dropped off the items at or give her the items she seemingly purchased for her. The footage of the house Mikayla allegedly dropped off the items at seemingly had no one living in it so if the items were left at the front they should’ve been there- right?! Hannah even goes to the house in the photo to check and see if the items are there, but no one seemingly lives there.

This entire story has captured the attention of the TikTok community as people don’t know whether to believe if Mikayla is innocent or not. Hannah has since been reached out to by another company- Shipt- who decided to help out and deliver her a pack n’ play and other products she initially requested from Instacart.

Hannah shared the news here in this follow-up video:


@Shipt you and the camera footage are the TRUE heros here ????❤️❤️ use HANNAH and get $10 off!!! #hanzcakess #shiptpartner #momtok #momlife

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Right now, it is still unclear what happened to Hannah’s Instacart package or if Mikayla reportedly had anything to do with the items going missing.

What do you think about the viral Instacart drama on TikTok?

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