Madison Beer Gets Real and Vulnerable On The New Episode Of ‘Call Her Daddy’

Madison Beer joined Call Her Daddy host, Alex Cooper on the newest podcast episode. In the interview, Beer opens up about certain struggles she faced in her teenage years which shocked many.

“I got an anonymous text”

Beer recalls a point in her life where she found her 15-year-old self battling with explicit pictures online.

The singer admits that the incident has caused her PTSD, paranoia and even suicidal thoughts.

In 2012, Beer rose to fame when international pop sensation, Justin Bieber, reposted a cover she had created on Twitter.

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From there, all eyes were on her. For a while, she was known as, ‘Bieber’s prodigy.’ They were seen in the studio together during the early days and have remained friends since.



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Madison recalls moments she felt during the time she found out about the leaked content.

“I remember dropping to the floor and being like ‘What do I do?” She says, recollecting her thought process at that moment. “I felt that everyone on the fu*king face of this earth would rather me dead.”

Two weeks after the initial leak, she received an anonymous text which had 50 more explicit contents about her.

“I got an anonymous text, literally like I was in fu*king Pretty Little Liars, that was a picture of a computer screen with 50 videos on it.”

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“It wasn’t me that was at fault”

“For anyone who’s like ‘that’s a lot of videos,’ I was a young horny kid who sent videos to a guy that I liked and I’m not going to let anyone shame me for it.” She says.

Image Credit: Amber Asaly

“The adults around me were telling me this was ‘bad’, and it was going to ‘ruin’ my career.” It took her a while to fully comprehend what had happened: “I didn’t realize until years later that I was the victim,” She adds, “The most difficult part was knowing in my bones that it wasn’t me that was at fault – that it was the boy who betrayed my trust that was at fault, but that was also me learning very quickly that men and women get treated very differently.”

Published By: HOLR Magazine