Does Ryan Gosling have Pillow Face? HOLR breaks down the alleged claims involving the star and rumored plastic surgery.

May 29, 2024

Ryan Gosling Face

According to this TikTok video posted by user @dr.90210, Gosling seemingly has “enhanced cheeks” on his face which has spakred plastic surgery claims online. As the TikToker explains, the star’s mid-face, or cheeks, have been looking a lot fuller lately. The TikToker goes on to note that it is suspicious to have facial filler in this area but that could enhance the cheeks, giving him more fullness in his face.

Ryan Gosling Cheeks

The TikToker explains that it is unclear why Gosling did this (if even, as this has not yet been confirmed.)

Ryan Gosling Barbie

Gosling admitted to going on a “Barbie” diet to prepare for his role as Ken in the popular film, in which he toned up and fasted. As the TikToker explains, these lifestyle changes could also have contributed to changes in Gosling’s appearance recently, in which it is possible to lose “facial fat volume.” It is difficult to say if Gosling had plastic surgery or not as he has not come forward to address alleged claims. People took to the comment section of the above video to voice their opinions on the allegations.

What is Pillow Face?

There are also concerns that Gosling has “Pillow Face.” This TikTok video posted by user @injector.brett discusses what a pillow face is and how to avoid it.

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Claims

Pillow face is when the face gets overfilled- which is what some people think happened to Gosling following alleged plastic surgery claims.

As the TikToker explains, it all comes down to the injector, in which injectors should be aware of how more filler can impact a person’s face. Again- there is no concrete evidence to support claims Gosling has “pillow face” or subsequent plastic surgery. This is all speculation as Gosling has not addressed claims.

What do you think about the alleged claims involving Gosling being accused of having pillow face, or getting plastic surgery? Again, this has not been confirmed and is all speculation. 

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Image Credit: @dr.90210 TikTok, @injector.brett TikTok

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