Why is Video Girl Barbie trending? HOLR breaks down the controversy involving the doll.

Video girl Barbie is trending on social media. HOLR is breaking down the viral case and why the doll is allegedly considered “creepy.”

Video Girl Barbie Doll 2010

Accoridng to this TikTok video posted by userv@misshaleymichelle, this Barbie doll is believed to be one of the creepiest Barbie dolls ever sold.


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As mentioned by the TikToker, the Video Girl Barbie doll was sold in 2010 at the time for approximately $50. What allegedly makes her creepy is that her necklace was a real working camera and the video would show on her back. It could supposedly record up to 30 minutes of video.

Video Girl Barbie Doll Creepy

Parents reportedly started to question the doll in which the FBI eventually got involved to issue an alert on the Barbie as a warning for law enforcement. This is because it was believed that the hidden camera could be used to record child pornography, as noted in this article. It was also alleged that the doll was creepy because it was “always watching.” Apparently, this doll also makes an appearance in the new Greta Gerwig Barbie: The Movie film.

What do you think about the controversial Barbie doll?

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