An alleged controversy surrounding Scentbird is swirling.

HOLR breaks down the latest claims and why this controversy is gaining traction online.

Scentbird Reddit

The monthly perfume subscription company, Scentbird, is caught in the middle of a controversy. According to this TikTok video posted by user @michaelamakeup92, people are allegedly canceling their subscriptions following the founder of Scentbird coming forward with some controversial beliefs.

Scentbird Cancel Subscription

As the TikToker notes, some of these controversial beliefs include that you can control cancer with thoughts. She allegedly came out with other “wild statements” about horrific incidents in history, claiming that they weren’t “bad” or “tragedies.” as the TikToker notes  it is “so disturbing.”

As the TikToker notes the founder who created Scentbird in 2014 allegedly had a spiritual awakening in 2018, in which she alleged being contacted and sent information by a higher power and she believes that your thoughts can cure any disease such as cancer.

People are now reportedly reconsidering their Scentbird subscriptions or canceling them altogether as a result of these recent claims by the founder in which the brand is now caught up in controversy.

What are your thoughts on this alleged controversy and these claims?

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